Friday, June 25, 2010


When La Petite Belle was just a little girl, we discovered she had a tiny obsession with scissors.

She loved scissors and cutting anything.

Literally. Anything and everything.

In her K-4 class, she had her scissors taken away because of the constant confetti that filled the floor under her desk. When the teacher asked the class to cut triangles, her triangles ended up being 128 tiny strips of paper.

In addition, she has cut her hair (especially her bangs) a total number of six times. She sported a mullet for a day or two until we had to do an extreme short and sassy hairdo.
(Here she is a month or so after her haircut.)
I've posted before about how she has cut almost all of her Barbies' hair ...
She's getting older now, but we're still dealing with the same issue.

In the last week, I discovered these.
(The wall next to my toilet ... scissors were laying on the floor next to this piece of work.)
(Even WORSE ... one complete line cut through her entire box-spring)
Mama is not happy and must find a cure for this.


Jeff Ables said...

Katie Scissor Hands?

sara said...

the last picture made me gasp! is she still alive?! :)

my daughter had a issue with writing on stuff. I thought we had her cured and when we moved several years ago and emptied her room I found that she had written her name in teeny tiny letters all the way around her room on the baseboards!!! argh!

Rachelle said...

My kids, like Sara's, are writing on walls and my dining room hutch. UGH! Just when I think all crayons and pens are put away, they find one. The box-springs takes the cake! The fact that she is still living makes you my hero. :)

Daiquiri said...

Whoa! She's pretty thorough in her destruction, isn't she?! My kids all went through a cutting phase (not nearly as serious as yours) - wanted to see what would happen when they cut their clothes, and once the little sass cut the strings in between the slats of the horizontal wood blinds. grrrrr.

I basically quarantined all scissors. Now that they're older they have free reign with them, but for a long time scissors were only used with permission while sitting a the table doing crafts.

The Hat Chick said...

The box spring???? That child is creative.