Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day ... Just Another Reminder of My Inadequacy

Mother's Day started out with a bang ... the loud bang of the slammed bedroom door and my declaration that I was not going to church due to the fact that I wouldn't be ready in time because I was too busy handling everyone else's problems for the morning.

My children decided that on this particular day that they would attempt to cause a conniption fit from within their mother.

And, they did succeed.

Mama did lose her mind for a minute. And, within that minute, she came to the conclusion that she was a failure as a mother.

What a great realization on Mother's Day.

Too late. A mother is what she is.

Nancy Happy-Homemaker does not live at my house. Oh, how I wish she did for my kids' sake.

In the grand scheme of things, the details of life that were driving me crazy on this particular morning, really were not so important.

In a perfect world, Mama Belle would not be overwhelmed by the tea that was spilled in the bathroom (even though tea is not allowed in the bathroom), the smell of wet towels and a soaked rug (even though her children are told every day to stop getting so much water on the floor), the leaking bottle of nail polish lying on its side in the aforementioned bathroom, K Belle's indecision on her attire (finally selecting something appropriate to wear 15 minutes before walking out the door), La Petite Belle's inability to find her brush for 20 minutes (which caused everyone to drop what they were doing to go on a brush hunt), still having to check brushed teeth in children of an age where one shouldn't have to check brushed teeth, La Petite Belle would select one of the four items offered to her for breakfast (Pop-Tarts, oatmeal, granola bar, muffin) and not go to church hungry because her mother has told her she's "not really hungry" and she "can just wait until lunch then," ...

and when she asks her husband to help her with the brush hunt, he says he's "trying to read his Bible" and "we need to leave in five minutes."

I was irritated.

And, all of these things wouldn't have been such a big deal if there wouldn't have been attitude.

Yes, major attitude given by my children to me on the day that's supposed to celebrate what a wonderful mother I am. I think that's what sent me over the edge.

I was ticked off at how much disrespect these kiddos were giving me when ... wait a minute ... I don't allow disrespect.

The lecture ensued on the drive to church all while I continued to finish up my makeup.

By the time we arrived at the house of the Lord, I turned to my children and told them, "When we leave this church, I'd better see angels leaving this building. There'd better be a transformation."

The transformation lasted a few hours. Good enough.

We headed out to brunch at a new little place downtown, "The French Press."

Loved the atmosphere ... jazz trio in the corner.

La Petite Belle enjoying coffee-milk (a Saturday morning tradition created by my granddaddy).
Beau's steak & eggs
My Cajun Benedict
(toasted french bread, Hebert's boudin, and two poached-medium eggs topped with our chicken and andoullie gumbo and fresh scallions)

After lunch, we made a visit to my mom, where I felt like I could relax, even to the extent of falling asleep in the recliner like an old man watching Sunday football. My mom said I was cross and that I needed a nap, which I did. After waiting 45 minutes for Beau to help my dad program his new remote for his TV, we were finally headed home.

I got that nap. And, spent some quality time snuggling & chatting with La Petite Belle as my last Mother's Day request.

And these lovelies.
A Keurig, with a note attached, saying that they were out of the bigger model and I could exchange it on Monday.

The story from La Petite Belle had wonderful statements about her mother, including ... "She can sing like an angle" (yes, an "angle," not an angel), and "She's a lovely woman that worships God." OK, maybe I'm not so bad.

The TV to replace the broken one from my kitchen, which the girls wanted to get me because in the words of K Belle, "It's something that benefits all of us." Nice.

I tucked the girls into bed early and spent the rest of the night doing absolutely nothing.

I really do love being a mom. And, the fact that I am not fabulous at it just makes me rely more on my Lord to get me through all the day-to-day drama and emotion of it.

I do miss my three-year-old little girls, but am looking forward to the maturity that is lurking ahead.


Colored With Memories said...

you are going to love the keurig! it will put all the drama in perspective!

sara said...

lol...I have learned over the years to lower my expectations for mother's day and then it all seems to go better!! :)

Jeff Ables said...

You skipped the part where you got to church and your pastor's sermon put everything in perspective and you left so encouraged to be the tentmaker God has called you to be! Remember?

The Hat Chick said...

That sounds like Sunday morning at my house every week. The Keurig rocks...I have the 3-cup model. I order my k-cups from Big Cat. They let you create your own pack, 5 of this flavor, 5 of that flavor...yum!

Patrice said...

Your morning sounded like my morning. At least you ended on a good note. One of my boys went on strike and decided not to talk to me and silently went to bed without a muttered goodnight, I love you or a Happy Mother's day. Kids are animals...any other day, it would of been fine, but on Mother's Day??

Fond memories for when they have children and we can say, remember when....

Happy Mother's Day!!

Jeanette said...

Sounds like my house when my girls were that age! I remember that day so well.....I also remember leaving them with their dad for the afternoon so that I could enjoy my day without my family. How sad is that?!

Although you scored much better in the gifts department.....2 bags of Treasures chocolate and the remote for the day until DH decided he needed to watch baseball, basketball and a movie all at the same time...

Good thing our Father in heaven loves us :}

jennifer said...

Mama Belle, at least you had your girls in church (which was more than I did yesterday - packing has been all consuming and what message is THAT sending to my children).

It sounds reasonable to me... all of it. If you had chosen to ignore their misbehavior, it wouldn't have done them a bit of good. As I see it, you MOTHERED your children on Mother's Day. Good for you!

I am awfully glad your day ended well though. You deserve it.

Autumn said...

Here's to being a REAL mom on Mother's Day! I believe the world needs lots more moms who are willing to try, have bad days, admit they've had a bad day, and press on... Isn't that what Jesus tells us to do? Press ON!
Thanks for being REAL!

Autumn said...

Here's to being a REAL mom on Mother's Day! I believe the world needs lots more moms who are willing to try, have bad days, admit they've had a bad day, and press on... Isn't that what Jesus tells us to do? Press ON!
Thanks for being REAL!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Oooh...a Keurig!

And we used to always drink "coffee milk" with my grandparents too!

Brandi said...

yeah - I think I adore you. Just sayin'