Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's almost over.

I think I'm more ready for my girls to get out of school than they are.

No more early mornings.

No more homework.

No more fussing about finishing homework.

No more fussing about grades that could be better if they'd "just apply themselves."

No more girl-friendship drama.

No more "my teacher doesn't like me."

No more packing lunches.

No more forgetting lunches.

No more after-school whining about starving to death.
(Eating their "snack" of hot French bread. They're not worried about carbs a bit.)
No more uniforms to mend.

No more early bedtimes.

No more forgetting to sign test papers or checking assignment pads.

I can't wait. Friday is the last day and I'm hoping and praying it's a happy day for all since it's the same day they get their report card. If not, consequences may make summer worse and I'll be praying for school to start again.

But, seriously, I'm really looking forward to spending some long, overdue quality time with my family. This year has really been a blur.

Now, if I could just find a summer vacation destination ... hmmm ... any thoughts?


12-arrows said...

northern lower Michigan its absolutely beautiful, Traverse City/Petoskey!

The Hat Chick said...

I am with you girlfriend....but I have to suffer until June 3. Your kids are so lucky to get out before Memorial Day. I don't know wy we go back for 2.5 days....crazy, right?!

sara said...

cruise baby!!! :)

So do you have a traditional "last day of school" celebration?

I always went and had a pedicure on the last day every year with my friends!!!

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

I hear Iowa is nice this time of year....lol. Just kidding, just kidding. Actually, though, Chicago is a fantastic City, with lots of free/cheap awesome things to do. And 'Taste Of Chicago' is over the 4th of July and its remarkable food festival.

I love the 'end of the school year' atmosphere...so much anticipation! Have a great summer with your fam!

phoebe said...

I could not agree with you more. Today is the eldest childs last day and well my baby boy finished last Friday. He came home chanting that he was "now a freshman" , he really has no clue about freshman life...lol. Anyway, congrats you made it another year and everyone is alive.

Vacation, well I have never gone on a real one, but we always love New Orleans for a weekend. The new insectorium is fabulous!

I pray that God slows the summer and blesses your days with happiness and love!

jamie said...

i am sure they can not wait!!
i know what that is like.:)

3 Blessings said...

Today is my daughter's last day of the year. I too am way more excited than she is for all of the reasons you have listed :)