Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bathing suits were obviously created by Satan.

"Unless You Puke, Faint or Die, Keep Going!" - Jillian Michaels
Yes, I have been working out. It's really just a lifestyle for me. I'm not a nazi about it.

Do I do it every day? No. But, I try for 4-5 times a week.

I commit to do it because I have to.

I just have to.

I feel guilty not doing it.

K Belle says I'm addicted to exercising.

Dang, well, you'd think I'd be a lot smaller in my mid and rear sections then. But, despite my many attempts to just be a size 6, I am not.

Whatever. It's all good.

I will be joining my skinny little friends for our annual beach get-a-way this week. (Take that, Gulf oil spill!)

I become a little bipolar at the thought of lying on the beach in a bathing suit .... One side of me really doesn't care what the heck I look like, it's good enough ... and the other side becomes depressed at the thought of me lying on the beach in my bathing suit.

Aside from that fact, I'm super pumped about our weekend.

I won't be blogging until next week because we leave tomorrow and I'm overwhelmed with packing just the right bathing suit that my booty cheeks don't hang out of. This takes time.

Seriously, have you seen the bathing suits lately? I do declare ... they are skimpy beyond belief.

I'm ready to bring this back ...
Nothing like leaving a little mystery to what's under there, right? Right.

But, I really am most excited about being with my girlfriends.

Beau and my girls will survive on eating out every meal and lying around the house watching FOX news and Disney channel, I'm sure.

So, until next week, where I'll have a full report of the Gulf situation and show pics from my LOST party being thrown on Sunday evening (after getting back into town on Sunday afternoon ... yeah, I know ... glutton for punishment), have a wonderful weekend, my peeps!


Julie said...

I hope you have a great time! Relax and enjoy your friends!

Soliloquy said...

Seriously. Have the BEST time. There's nothing like hanging with friends to re-energize you.

Rachelle said...

Enjoy it! Lands End has some really forgiving suits out right now... if your still looking to get those butt cheeks covered! :)

Sera said...

I remember your Seinfeld party way back in Tulsa! Great party! If I lived near you, I would SO want to go to your Lost party! :) I'm sort of a fan, but am really just looking forward to having closure on the whole time stealing, crazy story line. :)

And I am with you on bringing back more modest suits that hide a multitude of imperfections. :)

Have fun at the beach and your Lost party! :)

sara said...

lands end has some really great new suits this year!!! I am actually looking forward to being in mine!

my son will be at the gulf coast this weekend too on his senior trip...wouldn't it be funny if you saw him!!

Have a GREAT time!!!