Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What were we thinking?

If you were around in the '90s, you remember "Glamour Shots."

It was located in most malls enclosed by glass walls where everyone that was at the mall could see in at the glamourousness that was taking place.

Not only did you gain some lovely overly-filtered photos, but you also got the benefit of having the experts that worked in the shop give you somewhat of a make-over, complete with hats. And, let's not forget the oh-so-natural poses these professionals put you in.

Here's the oh-so-popular "I'm just hanging out and casually putting my chin on my fist" pose.

The family "holding the collar simultaneously" pose

The guy who poses with fans and umbrellas because the baseball glove and bat were unavailable.

The awkward wedding photo where the bride holds an apple (so many questions on this one)

And, the weird limp-wrist pose ... oh, wait ... that's me ... the horror!

Have you been to the Awkward Family Photos site? Hilarious!

Had to throw this one in for the pure creepiness of it. I mean, I owned a few Cabbage Patch dolls, but this is a little extreme. You can't tell me no one teased this poor girl and why did her mother allow this to happen?

I so wish I could have some re-dos.


sara said...

where do you find these sites?! hilarious!

I never went to glamour shots....was a mom by then (you know, carrying leftover baby weight, too tired to even think let alone get a photo shot done!) but I do have some picture I would love to have a re-do on....what was I thinking?!

Julie said...

Great post

Liz said...

Oh noooo!!! The Cabbage Patch Kid shots are soooo wrong. What on earth? The one with the doll in the shadows is just awful. It's like a promo for a horror flick. Thanks for making me laugh this morning.

Daiquiri said...

OH MY!!!!! The guy with the fan is KILLING ME...KILLING ME! hahahahahahah

Daiquiri said...

Seriously - I keep having to come back for more giggles. I guess I needed a laugh today.

I must have breezed right over the "I'll give you a ring and commit to you for the rest of my life...you give me some forbidden fruit and ruin our existence on this planet together" shot. What the HECK?

But oh, the guy with the umbrella. Is it me or can you see the "this is a really bad idea" look on his face? Oh, wait, no...cross the legs...that makes it better.

Thanks so much for the laugh!

RR Mama said...

I remember Glamour Shots. And yes I to had my picture taken there. Oh the hair that was jacked all the way up to Jesus!

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

the 'dude' with the umbrella.....bahahaha :) Seriously. Do you want your kid to have a complex?!?!

Cathy said...

I've never been to Glamour Shots and now I'm glad, cause who knows maybe my picture would have shown up here. lol

Fun post.

Autumn said...

I am addicted to Awkward Family Photos... and have been for a while now!
Love the "glamourousness" of it!

H-Mama said...

that doll brings back memories of chucky. remember that? creepy!

umbrella guy? hilarious!

my re-do pix could cause photoshop to explode. not purdy. ;)

Julie said...

I tagged you! stop on over for details!

thedomesticfringe said...

lol. I remember glamour shots, but never did it. I don't have one fain-cy picture to my name. Oh, the shame.


Tammy said...

Oh my gravy those are funny! I haven't been to their site in a while. I better go empty my bladder first! :-)

Vanessa said...

Can't stop laughing @ "boy" w/ the umbrellafan! So. very. funny!!

Just Me said...

That's a girl - I totally thought it was a boy!