Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Five Years

That's about all the time I have left with my oldest daughter until she's 18 and ready to leave the roost.

You never believe it when other moms tell you how fast the years go by when your kids are little and all you're doing is changing diapers and trying to get sleep.

But, I'm a believer now. And, the belief gets stronger and stronger as the years get shorter and shorter.

I think about how much I still need to pour into this child. So much left to be said and shared.

And, so many times I feel I have failed at as a parent.

I look at the mom who shows up for every field trip, the mom who has a home-cooked meal for her family every night, the mom who never raises her voice to her kids, the mom who does crafts and the like with her kids, the mom who's never late to pick her child up from school, the mom who enjoys taking her children shopping, and so much more, I fall short.

I often wonder how my children still make the same poor choices over and over again, after I know, good and well, that I've taught them differently.

When will they get it? And, will my oldest get it before she leaves home? I mean REALLY GET IT ... about God, about life, about everything.

I don't want them to "get it" the hard way.

Kinda reminds me of my God and me. He is continuously teaching me the same things over and over. I keep making the same poor choices. Will I ever get it? REALLY GET IT.

One thing's for sure, God gives me way more grace than I give my children. I try. I really do, but it seems like they take my "grace" and trample all over it.

Hmm ... I see another parallel there.

God, help me to never trample on Your grace.


Rachelle said...

I just had a conversation with a friend yesterday about this very topic. This is the heart cry of many mamas right now. Will they get it? Are we getting through. Jesus help us...

sara said...

The mom you described is a myth! No one can do all that. :)

I have to encourage you that when your daughters leave the nest, you will see them blossom! And you will see all those things you instilled in them show up! I have loved watching my daughter come into her own in college and see her faith in Christ truly become her own.

Daiquiri said...

I'm with Rachelle...that perfect mom doesn't exist. Maybe "inadequate Parent" should have been on that mirror ;-)

I totally hear you though - the time is too short and it just seems like I"m talking to a brick wall so many days. Clinging to the promise that if I do my best to train them up in the way they should go, they'll not depart from it.

Now...just to figure out "the way" one step ahead of them so that I can train them up!

I'm so thankful that we have a God who can be everything for them that I failed to be...Trying to trust that God gave these kids to this mom for a reason.

jessica @pianomomsicle said...

Your blog post, however, does not leave room for people like me, whose children will never get any older and will continue to be completely clingy and dependent and will always need their bottoms wiped and can never give their mama a moment's rest.
People tell me someday my kids will be grown up and i'll be wishing i could go back, and after yesterday, i'm just waiting for that to happen.