Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's a rite of passage.

There comes a time in every young Southern girl's life when she must look to the greatest of all Southern belles and learn. Learn well.

Yes, it's true.

I don't think there's even a question of who I could be talking about ... the one and only Scarlett O'Hara.

"Gone with the Wind" is one of my all-time favorite movies. It has everything ... action, drama, and comedy wrapped up in four hours of over-the-top acting. K Belle continually said, "She's kind of overdramatic, huh?"

The girls and I watched this masterpiece yesterday. This was their first time. I knew I would have to explain each part piece-by-piece to La Petite Belle (there was a point when she asked when half-time was ... classic), but K Belle was ready.

As I watched for the umpteenth time, I realized what I loved so much about this woman. She truly does encompass what a true Southern belle is and should be.

Charm - She was definitely a charmer as evidenced by the audience of gentlemen at the BBQ. It would take some kind of woman to have these gentlemen arguing over who would get her something sweet.

Beauty - This goes without saying. Vivian Leigh, in my opinion, was the most beautiful woman of all time. I'm sure "Scarlet" would have been too.

Yes, we all know these things, charm and beauty, are deceitful and vain, but I'm just saying they'd be cool to have.

Courage - She dared to "show her bosom before 3:00" and then sneak out of the napping area to declare her love to Ashley who had already pledged to marry Melanie. Rhett said of her, "With enough courage, you can do without a reputation." She headed back to Tara without Rhett, with only Prissie to help (who wasn't much help to begin with). She promised to do anything she had to do to never go hungry again. And, boy did she.

And, she dared to wear drapes. Not sure just anyone could pull off these curtains.

Strength - She worked the fields with all the others and told her Pa that she wasn't asking the workers to do anything she wasn't doing herself. She helped in the hospital and ran her own business. Then, there was the whole both husbands dying thing. Even though she didn't really love them, I'm sure it wasn't easy, right?

Witty - She always had some smart remark to make. I like that.

Shrewd - About business and taking care of Tara

Contemplative - She never rushed to decisions. "Well I guess I've done murder. Well I won't think about this now. I'll think about it tomorrow."
Optimistic - "After all tomorrow is another day." She promised she would win Rhett back.

Loyal - to Ashley, to Melanie, even to Rhett despite what he thought

Stupid - By realizing that she really did love Rhett and not Ashley, but a little too late. Rhett said,
"You're like the thief who isn't the least bit sorry he stole but is terribly terribly sorry he's going to jail."
And, seriously, Scarlett, how, oh how, could you even think of choosing Ashley over Rhett anyway?

Have you looked at Ashley's hair? Plus he has a girl name.

Rhett was totally the bomb. Hands down. No comparison.

So, let's recap.

A true Southern belle has charm, beauty, courage, strength. She's witty, shrewd, loyal, and stupid.

What did my girls learn?

Uh ... La Petite Belle was mostly upset that Rhett shot the pony after Bonnie died.

K Belle thought that it was a horrible ending and that Scarlett was, in fact, stupid.

Speaking of stupid, remember the award I got yesterday and I couldn't remember who gave it to me. Oh, it was sweet Katie from The Baby Factory. I just love her. Sorry, Katie. Go by and see her. She's great.


The Hat Chick said...

And she always had a great hat. Gone with the Wind is one of my favorites too. Best lessons from this movie for me? 1. If you stand up straight and pretend like you know what's going on, everyone will believe you, at least for a little while. 2. If something is too overwhelming in the moment, just think about it tomorrow. 3. Always pick the tall, dark and handsome guy - he's hot.

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Would you believe me if I told you I've never seen this movie? I guess I should put it on my movie bucket list :)

Lois Lane II said...

I love this post...mainly because I love Gone with the Wind. I read the book so many times as a kid. My husband? When I MADE him watch the movie, he felt like K Belle -- Scarlett was stupid, and he clapped when Rhett left. Boys...LOL!

Cathy said...

Yes, I never did understand the Ashley thing...yuck. Rhett! Wow! I could've sat and looked at him all day! lol

Great movie, although I haven't watched it in years. May be about time.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I've never seen the movie either. Maybe it's because I'm a northerner?

thedomesticfringe said...

My mom got engaged while watching Gone with The Wind in the theater.


Windy said...

Also one of my favorite movies - and I never got the Ashley thing either, Rhett was da bomb:)

Rach@In His Hands said...

I'm with Sarah, it must be a northerner thing 'cause I've never watched it. But maybe I just need to when I find myself with 4 hours to spare!