Monday, January 11, 2010

Not sure where she gets her frankness.

As La Petite Belle and I were watching the ever-present Disney channel and the constant bombardment of Disney music videos, I heard her make a gagging noise as Hannah Montana (aka Miley Cyrus ... or whatever she's going by these days) appeared on the screen singing one of her recent songs.

I looked over at La Petite Belle and questioned, "What? You don't like Hannah Montana anymore?"

She said, with a disgusted look on her face, "No."

She paused for a while, then said, "I texted her."

Me: "What?"

La Petite Belle: "Yeah. You know you can text her online and she really gets the messages. She really reads them."

K Belle confirmed this story.

I didn't tell them that there's no way in Hades that Miley Cyrus reads those, but whatever.

Then, La Petite Belle proceeds to tell me exactly what she "texted" the Disney superstar: "You're being so inappropriate for the girls and boys that look up to you ever since you did that 'Party in the USA' video." (That's the video where she's dressed a little too skimpy and dancing a little too provocatively for her age ... not sure where La Petite Belle gets her opinions from.)

That's it. Sweet and simple.

Like I always say, "Why beat around the bush? Just spit it out."

Now, we've just got to work on her tact and approach.

Oh, Miley ... Can you just go back to being your sweet, innocent self? I know there's so much pressure on you, but thousands of little girls are watching. I do hope you will use your talents for good.

Here's a bit of help for you:

You look so classy when you wear something like this.

You look trashy when you wear something like this.

Or when you dance using a pole.
And, please, oh please, don't text pictures of you in your underwear to a boyfriend (which was the first thing that popped up when I was looking for images of you) or pose in a well-known magazine only covered up with a sheet with your back exposed.

Hopefully, you will heed my advice.

Because I'm sure you read this blog like you read all those texts.


thedomesticfringe said...

Good for your little girl! I hope she never loses her voice.

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

if I were Hannah or Miley, whichever one she is on any given day, I would totally heed your advice.
And I totally agree....seriously, as a mom of boys...I am not in the least impressed by her recent nastiness.

Sara said...

Great post! I too am sadden by the turn of events that leads these kids to grow up so quickly. Maybe the Music Award shows should ban any Disney kids, or Disney should ban them, that way they won't be tempted to sex up their youth!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

What happens to these girls? I can still remember Brittney Spears when she was a "good girl." I EVEN remember Madonna when she was at least "normal."

What is it about super-stardom that pushes these girls off the deep end?

I'm glad I have all boys...until they start to notice girls like this. ugh.

Rachel @ Future Pastor's Wife said...

Duh, of course she reads your blog! :)

I love La Petite Belle's frankness. Sweet but firm. What a cool kid.

Amy@My Front Porch said...

You should be proud of your daughter! And if Miley had any sense at all she'd read that text message and follow La Petite Belle's advice.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I love that girl...La Petite Belle, not Miley. It's amazing to see somebody her age stand up for what she believes and tell it like it is. She's awesome, just like her equally forthright parents. :)

Megan Epley said...

Good for your daughter for knowing better!

12-arrows said...

we are WAY over Miley and the Hannah stage. Just a shame a girl gets a bit popular and bam....she leaves her morals and stands behind! I loved your post by the way and your daughter did a great job of letter MC know just what the "real" girls of this world think!!

Rachelle said...

Sounds like your doing a great job with that daughter of yours. You must be so proud. What a breath of fresh air.

Jeanette said...

Our girls have never been a huge fan of her but they would at least listen to her music should it come on the radio. Now they change the channel. They know that if they started out at Disney they will fall eventually. How sad!!

At least your a mom that cares enough to NOT allow your daughters to dress inappropriately. I wonder sometimes if parents even see their daughters before they leave the house.

Rock on girls!!

Cathy said...

Glad your little girls feels that way. Like daughter.

jennifer said...

I'm proud of her for her honesty! Miley really is so pretty when she tries and so trashy when she tries that too.

jennifer said...

I REALLY like the postcard! I want to be comfortable in my skin as I age. I want to embrace my quirks, even flaunt them! I want to be a red hat society lady... without the gaudy red and purple clothes.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!