Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It takes very little to make me happy.

On Monday night, about an hour before bed, K Belle said she wasn't feeling very well. It was impossible for me to pin down exactly what was the issue because, as you know, when you ask your child what hurts, the answer includes every body part that can hurt.

Being the good mother that I am, I told her to just go to bed because the reason she didn't feel good was that she was tired. That's my staple go-to cause for every ache and pain. She had no fever and living with two drama queens dulls your senses.

At about 11:00 p.m., I hear vomiting. Yep. Guess she really was sick. We went through that a couple of times throughout the night. Man, I hate vomit. I have a very long-standing non-vomiting record. I can count on one hand how many times I vomited in the past 20 years and two include giving birth, which just doesn't count.

K Belle finally went to sleep for the night and I knew she would be home with me yesterday, which I also hate, not because of her being home, which I love, but because that leaves me to teach her 7th grade lessons for the day. Let's not even think about the fact that I have a degree in Education. My expertise is limited to preschool to 5th grade. That's it.

La Petite Belle, who was also up late due to all the commotion, woke up with a headache and whined about getting out of the bed and going to school. She was pitiful. I gave in and let her go back to bed.

The day turned out to be spectacular.

The girls pretty much just laid around.

It was mostly quiet and uneventful, except for the repair man that showed up.

There is nothing more attractive than a man that can fix stuff.

And, this man was no exception.

With his bleach-stained, stretched out "Honey-Do" t-shirt, sweatpants, and unshaven face, he made me the happiest woman alive with his mechanical skills and knowledge of how to do stuff.

This man:
took our dryer apart and found the culprit behind the pesky squeaking noise it had been making for 3 months

solved the problem with a busted outside pipe

fixed a leaky valve from the refrigerator

greased our noisy garage doors

and even, worked on our taxes, and helped cook dinner.

What kind of man does all that?

My Beau.

After I turned on the dryer, I was so thrilled that I kissed him. And, by "kissed him," I mean really kissed him.

I love that man.


tonya said...

I absolutely love this post!

What a beau!!

Jeanette said...

When Beau gets done at your house, can you send him to mine? I'm the fixer here and I'm tired of fixing :}

Glad the girls are feeling better!

Rachel @ Future Pastor's Wife said...

Sorry your girls are sick! Hope they get better soon!

I love that you differentiated between kissed and REALLY kissed. :)

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Love it!
I do love it when the hubs fixes stuff or builds stuff at my house.....mmmhmm :)

3 Blessings said...

Hope she is doing better. I am with you on not liking throw-up. It makes me sick to think about it... They say when it is your own child, you can handle it, but I tend to disagree with that one.

Rachelle said...

Got to love a repair man!

Tammy said...

I must admit I am a wee bit jealous. My fabulous hubby is lacking in his repair man skillz. However, he has mad computer skillz.....which is important too. :-)