Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Alive and Kicking

Not with the Rockettes though, like I hoped from my last post, but I am not dead and finally home.

I have so much to tell you and am planning a couple of posts about my NYC trip.

However, my children are begging me for food to be put in the pantry and clean underwear.

Beau's sick.

I have been doing Christmas shopping non-stop thanks to the Blizzard of 2009, which ruined all my well-thought-out plans, and my ability to post.

My hair needs washing and everyone's suitcases are still full. I hate laundry.

I have about 25 Christmas presents to wrap and must work out the Christmas menus (Eve and Day), which will not include geese, which is what La Petite Belle wants. Who is this child? Ham will just have to do.

Now, I must go and bake a cake and try to make myself presentable for a Christmas party tonight.

Until tomorrow ...


Sara said...

So what you're saying is your count down to crazy has begun also?!?

3 Blessings said...

Merry Christmas to your family. God bless you.

thedomesticfringe said...

Hope you enjoyed your time in NY despite the blizzard.


Cathy said...

I hope you feel better soon!