Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Almost 10 years of disguises ...

2000 - Farm theme ... K Belle as Jessie, La Petite Belle as a cow (she was about 3 weeks old ... that's my mom holding her).
2001 - No picture. Circus theme. The girls went as a ribbon dancer and a human cannonball.

2002 - Space theme ... K Belle as Princess Amidala, La Petite Belle as the sun (or Charles Nelson Reilly).
2003 - Historical characters theme... K Belle as a medieval peasant girl, La Petite Belle as Eve.
2004 - Cartoons theme ... Rainbow Brite and Wonder Woman

2005 & 2006 - One year, we had a special Glow night at church. The other year ... No clue.

2007 - Farm theme again. The girls as chickens with Roxy Belle and some friends of ours who had the same idea.
2008 - Cajun theme ... Beau, the girls, and Roxy Belle as a live "Blue Dog" painting by Rodrigue.
2009 - '50s theme ... La Petite Belle as Marilyn Monroe (It was a stretch with her dark coloring, I know.)
K Belle as Lucille Ball (not as much of a stretch).

Next year, K Belle turns 13. I'm thinking we'll be out of the dressing-up stage. Or maybe not. Her mama still likes to dress up and she's a little bit older than 13. Just a little.


Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Oh my.......that is one awesome Lucille Ball!! And Eve cracks me up :)

Jeanette said...

I just LOVE walks down memory lane. I totally got K Belle as being Lucy!!

Have a great one :}


Beautiful Mess said...

Those are great!

Rachelle said...

Eve was a riot! Love it!

H-Mama said...

This is great. K Belle rocks the Lucy costume. ;) She should definitely dress up next year. Where's the pic of Mama Belle and her Beau? ;)

Lois Lane II said...

I dress up every year...lol!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

EVE! Ha! Love it :)

thedomesticfringe said...

Those were SO MUCH FUN! Next year do the parents dress up?

Lucille Ball...AWESOME!

TCKK said...

Great pictures!!!

Rachel @ Future Pastor's Wife said...

Love the trip down memory lane. You guys have very creative costumes!

K Belle is an awesome Lucy!!!

Kari @ p.s. love.love. said...

Looks like you all have a great time at Halloween. Dressing up is fun - I must say. I totally am into the Eve costume! So cute - all of them :o)

The Wixom Zoo said...

I love all of the creative ideas!