Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I couldn't have thought of a better definition myself.

La Petite Belle checked out this book from the school library.

It really is a good book and has lots of great pictures of different types of dogs. It also gives lots of information to kids about caring for a dog.

The book asks, as the title suggests, "101 Questions."

Le Petite Belle had K Belle calling out the questions to her to find out if she already knew all the answers to the questions in the book.

At first, the questions were innocent.

Take a look.

Then, came these two questions.

"Why do I go into 'heat'?"
(which also included the correct usage of the "b" word, right there, in black and white ... then I had to explain how it wasn't a curse word when used in that sense, but I never wanted to hear her say it because in our society it is a curse word)

Her answer: "It's when your dog has too much hair and needs a haircut."

I corrected her and explained.

Then, this one: "What does it mean to "neuter" your pet?"

Her answer: "It's like when you're messing in someone else's business."


After giggling, I corrected and explained again.

So, let's summarize: My 9-year-old learned about neutering, spaying, the "b" word, and why a dog goes into "heat" all from a book she checked out of her little Christian school library. And, her daddy threw in the teaching of the word, "teat," as a bonus.


Jeff Ables said...

Sophie (Our Welsh Springer Spaniel) just asked that question this week. I wish it just meant she had too much hair and need a haircut!
While researching the breed, I was shocked to discover how the "B" word is so flippantly thrown around in that world. Very hard to get used to.
By the way - I love her definition of what it means to neuter! That's funny stuff!

bwallace said...

(best Butthead voice)
Huh, Huh, he said teat, huh, huh.
(end Butthead voice)

Windy said...

love their definitions! don't you just love how they see or hear something and we get to explain!?

thedomesticfringe said...

My son and his friend were playing my dog and talking yesterday and my son said that our dog can't have puppies and his friend said "Mine either, she got a shot, because my mom doesn't want more dogs."

I just chuckled to myself. Kids are so fun.

Rachelle said...

WOW! That's a bunch of education in one little dog book.

For the record - I terrified about having these conversations with the twin men.

Cassandra said...

You make me laugh so hard!!! That's hysterical!