Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why I Got Angry

It's funny how Facebook has changed so many of our lives and the way we communicate.

A person can write something or change their status, without thinking anyone is even paying attention, and then you see people that are your Facebook friends in real life and they question you ... "What's wrong? Why are you angry? Who are you angry with? What happened?"


Over the weekend, while I was at a wonderful women's conference, I, in my haste, wrote this as my Facebook status: "(My real name) feels inspired and angry at the same time."

That's all. It was just how I felt. No biggie.

I was inspired by the speakers ... Bobbi Houston, Christine Caine, and most of all, Charlotte Gambil.

I was inspired by Delynn Rizzo.

I was inspired by the music ... incredible worship and even Natalie Grant (despite the diss).

I was inspired by the thoughts shared by the women I was with.

But, I did get angry.

Angry to the point of tears.

Not because I couldn't see the stage very well.

Not because the services did last longer, usually went over by half-an-hour to an hour each service.

Not because the place was so jam-packed that it was uncomfortable.

Not because Natalie Grant dissed me.

I was and am angry at the devil.

I was and am angry at society.

I was and am angry at women.

I have become disappointed in us, as women.

Disappointed that we go to conferences, we read books, we do Bible studies about the same topic, over and over again, and we still don't get it. Myself included.

How many times do we need to hear about identity? Who we are in Christ? Not letting society dictate who we are and our worth?

It's the same message over and over again.

Every year, the same thing.

It's time that we, as women, find out who we are in Christ, and not waver.

We are strong women, valued by God, with purpose, and we are confident in who we are, both mentally and physically.

That's it.

Plain and simple.

How can we fulfill the purpose that God has for us when we don't even know who we are? When we're too busy continuing to search for significance?

We are significant. We have purpose.

Now, it's time to move.

Oh, and I had some fun too.

My sister ... um, I mean friend. I forget sometimes. I love this woman.

Two more friends.

Thank God for good friends who help you to grow in your own faith, by not only encouraging you, but challenging you.

I'm ready to stop fighting the same battle and move on.

(After reading this post to Beau, he said, "Good. Now go get me some egg nog." I'm surprised he didn't throw a "woman" behind that statement. Of course, I said, "Get your own darn egg nog. I'm way too significant for that." Obviously, my next post may have to be on submission.)


Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...


(agree on the "Get your own darn egg nog" too!)

Rachelle said...

Glad you enjoyed the conference. Yes, facebook can cause all kind of madness...

Ladies understanding their worth is HUGE! May we all see ourselves through the Lords eyes.

sara said...

wow, well said!

I have had some of the same thoughts. Why can't we realize this and let God use us?!

"We are strong women, valued by God, with purpose, and we are confident in who we are, both mentally and physically."

I choose to believe this today!

....tomorrow is another story. :{

Beautiful Mess said...

Wonderfully written!

I agree totally!

H-Mama said...

Good stuff, lady! So, so important to realize our identity is in Christ... and Him alone. I learned this lesson the hard way.

Oh... and I promise that I was not dissing you by not stopping by {again}. We'll have to schedule that during one of our drive-thrus. ;)

Jen said...

This reminds me of a song - "Stirred but not changed"
I tried to find it online, but couldn't come up with much. I posted the words on my blog awhile back:
Have I heard it for so long that He’s just another song?
Has the story lost its thrill that I once knew?
Lord, give me a burden that’s so strong,
That it will last when my tears are gone.
I’m tired of what I’ve been. Lord, make me over again.
I’m so tired of being stirred about the lost who need to hear.
I’m so tired of being stirred that His coming is so near;
I’m so tired of being stirred till I cry bitter tears.
I’m so tired of being stirred but not being changed.

I really feel that as women this is our song...we are moved with compassions, or see the need for changed, and yet continue on as we were. I'm going to a Ladies Retreat this weekend, and it's been on my heart and in my prayers that I'm ready for change. My husband mentioned all my Christian self-help books, he wasn't being mean, but asked why I read them when he never sees any differences. Although I know there are areas in my lifely that I've changed, most subtle enough that he doesn't notice. But I want others to see God reflected in my life, I want to look in the mirror and see God myself. Thanks for the post, it was a great reminder...oh, and I heart facebook!

jennifer said...

Righteous anger!

This post was excellent. I get more disappointed than angry with myself and my failure to recongnize my identity in Christ. But I'm guilty as charged of underestimating Who and What He is in my life.

Again... excellent post.

Cassandra said...

I watched the conference online and loved it. I especially loved Charlotte Gambill's message on dropping the baby...I think the way she preached that particular subject was what I needed to "click"...but I do agree that sometimes I think the Holy Spirit would like to take us ladies by our shoulders, look us square in the face and talk to us straight! I am the world's worst about this sometimes...I feel like shallow ground, where the seed springs up quickly but dies because it doesn't have depth for root...

The Swan's said...

What a great post. Very well said!!

Daiquiri said...

Great stuff! Thanks for the kick in the pants...er...reminder :-)

The Wixom Zoo said...

Good for you. It's awesome to walk away from something like that feeling your self worth and knowing that God loves you. :)