Friday, October 16, 2009

Things That Have Been Irritating Me This Week

When my daughter comes home from school and says that another girl said she can't play with her because she is not "cool"

Not being able to help my child with her math homework because my math skills go no further than the 5th grade

Mothers that are enablers and think their child never does anything wrong, all while their "angel" child makes "The Omen" kid look like a Christmas elf


The fact that my husband has found a new obsession ... Demon Solitaire ... that actually made the girls late to school one morning ... long story

The constant changing of La Petite Belle's soccer schedule, which added one more game to our weekend

K Belle's inability to understand the words "I want EVERYTHING picked up off the floor. EVERYTHING."

My hair

Roxy Belle's digestive issues that led her to vomit about a quart of digustingness, right under the dinner table, during dinner

Beau giving my children tap water, or as I call it, "cancer water," because he hadn't changed the spring water jug (His response: "So it's OK for them to have cancer cakes cooked in a cancer oven?" - Translation: Pancakes heated in the microwave.)

How my body has responded to working out after almost a week off due to sickness

The loss of most of my voice (although some may feel the opposite of irritated about that one)

Happy Non-Irritating Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh sorry to hear of the irritating week. I can so relate to many of them (especially the game addiction). I hope the rest of your week, weekend and beyond are 'irritant-free'!
Love ya girlie,
Kim F.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Oh sweetie! You need a big hug! (H.U.GGGGGG)! And some chocolate! (Can't help you there -- I don't share!) I hope your weekend is wonderful.

Kari @ p.s. said...

I agree with you about those. Never heard of Demon Solitaire though :o) The cancer water / cancer pancakes is funny. Hope the weekend is less irritating for you ;o)

Jeanette said...

Yeah, those moms that think their kids are angels also believe that their child (that can't set the volleyball to the biggest hitter on the team) but will get a volleyball scholorship. Um yeah, right...

Get used to the soccer schedule changing continuously - happens in all sports AND it is a pain.

Hoping your weekend it better! I will get to sit outside in the freezing cold weather watching marching band competitions because for some reason we must stretch out the band season as long as possible :{

thedomesticfringe said...

Sounds like a rough week. I hope your weekend is better and you get your voice back.

You can have my dog. She only gets digestive issue when she eats a trash bin full of tissues.

H-Mama said...

Girl, something is in the air... for sure. Hope you have a better weekend.

TCKK said...

It's no fun having a week like that. Hope the weekend is better. Remember one of my favorite verses in the Bible.."And it came to pass." Sometimes that helps when we know sooner or later it will end.

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Oh my....just reading about those things annoys me. I can feel your pain.
Is that a Chicago Cubbies Hat?! They sell those down there?!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

That first one - oh, that hurts my mommy heart.

But the cancer cakes in the cancer oven? That is classic! Ha!

Rachelle said...

Why can children be so mean? Hope your weekend is much better.

Michelle H said...

I had to comment on the enabling moms. They never change! My husband is a corrections deputy and he gets the mothers of men who are over 50 in there insisting their poor baby is getting picked on, they would NEVER do something like "that"(doesn't matter how long their "rap" sheet is). If it wasn't so sad and frustrating, it would be funny!
I can relate to the other stuff, too! The everything off the floor makes me laugh and cringe at the same time, though, it's a regular around here- "Is it on the floor? Does it belong on the floor? Then PICK IT UP!!!LOL"

jen said...

No person in their right mind would be happy about the loss of your voice.

I'm just sayin.

Daiquiri said...

Ah, sorry to hear that you're so irritated.

Does it help to know that your "most irritating" list made me laugh hysterically? Especially the "Omen" child and "cancer cakes".

SNORTING laughter, girl! Thanks :-)