Friday, October 23, 2009

The Night I Got Dissed By Natalie Grant

I should have known I was off on the wrong foot ... um ... LITERALLY ... when I walked to the elevator of my hotel and noticed these on my feet. No thanks to my friends, nonetheless. True friends tell you when you have two different shoes on and you're about to head to an event with hundreds of women.
Thank God I noticed. (You know when you put the two different shoes on when you're trying to decide which one to wear ... I was trying to decide and forgot.)

We did get to the conference despite the torrential downpour.

We did have a little favor with some special VIP privileges, but did end up sitting so far back that I could only see the backs of heads.

Charlotte Gambil spoke. Look her up. She's awesome.

Natalie Grant sang. Incredible.

Then, we headed over to the special meet-and-greet dinner for the VIPs.

All the speakers were there. And Natalie Grant was there too.

I thought I'd give her some space for a while before I asked her for a picture and told her how incredible she really was. I had a great opening line all planned.

She was being quite bombarded with ladies. Some ladies seemed to not leave her alone.

I was trying to be polite and let the woman eat. She just sang her head off. Give her some space.

Towards the end of the night, I was on my mission to get a picture with her to be posted on here today.

As soon as I got up to her, she turned her head and I think I saw an eye roll. She said she was ready to go. She seemed a little irritated.

I was standing right in front of her and I think I got out the word, "Nata ... ," before she turned her back on me and left.

Um ... wait ... did she just diss me?

Doesn't she know who I am?

Doesn't she know I have influence over like 10 people?

I will give her the benefit of the doubt because she's so incredible and say she didn't see me.

I guess there really are "no such thing as perfect people."

Yeah, I guess I still love her.


Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Awww... Sorry about not getting a pic. :( But really - she didn't see you, and if she had she'd of been all like - "Oh hi!let's have our picture taken together!!!" :)

I LOVE love her music!!

So what boots did you end up going with???! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Daph...sorry you were having a rough time. Beau came by the office Thursday to check out the set up and told me ya'll were headed that way. I'm not sure if I could give Natalie as much grace as you did...but then I wasn't there. I'll bet if she knew your story she would be mortified that she acted that way, especially since you gave her space to breathe before asking for a pic. I guess we never know what's truly in a person's didn't know what she was thinking and she didn't know what you were thinking. I hope today is MUCH better for you and the gals!
Kim F.

bwallace said...

I am sooo boycotting this woman who I've never heard of before. You can't just diss someone I've never actually met before and think there won't be consequences.

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

It always stinks finding out those you admire are actually human beings, huh?
I have totally almost walked out of the house with two different shoes on {both of yours are adorable, btw}, but never done it.
I have worn flipflops to work on accident...does that count?

sara said...

I am so laughing at your shoes!!!

I did that once the first time I had to get 3 kids to church by myself..only I made it to church without noticing and had to stay there!!

sorry about the picture!

Kari @ p.s. said...

Man - bummer! She's missing out, that's for sure! Sounds like a fun evening though - backs of head, different shoes, celebrity disses. That's more action than what went on in my house last night :o)

TCKK said...

Sorry you missed getting a picture of Natalie Grant. But the picture of your shoes is hysterical! By the way, a girl's gotta know, which ones did you end up wearing?

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Oh girl, those shoes cracked me up before I could even finish pulling up your blog! SO been there.

That must have hurt when she turned from you, especially if there was an eye roll. BUT, maybe she was irritated at something totally different that you were unaware of.

I only say that because I've done that in front of my kids before, and they said, "What? Me?"

Just a thought. I can't imagine ANYone dissing YOU. :-)

Rachelle said...

Cracking up at the shoes! I have SO done this before... at work! At least your shoes were both black. I have two pair of boots the same style. One brown and one black. YUP, I showed up to work in one of each color. A loan customer actually asked me if I admired Punky Brewster before pointing out to me my mistake. OUCH!

thedomesticfringe said...

Which pair of shoes did you end up wearing?

Maybe she just didn't like you're choice...


Mama Belle said...

FYI: I wore the square-toe boot.