Monday, October 19, 2009

It's like I'm bipolar.

In the previous blog, I expressed my frustrations and irritations from the week. And there were many.

Is it just me or is it a fact that the older you get the more irritable you are? Or maybe you're just less likely to put up with everybody else's stupidity or thoughtlessness?

Hmmm ...

Well, today, I'm happier. Less irritated.

And, here, are some reasons why:

* I picked this up at the Piggly Wiggly (yes, these really exist in the South) last night. Half the carton ... gone.
* Egg Nog being in my house reminds me of Christmas, which reminds me of my trip to NYC, which reminds me that I just got tickets to see these lovely ladies at Radio City Music Hall's Christmas Spectacular.
* Speaking of tickets ... I also got tickets to see my crush ... no not, Gerard Butler ... no, not Glenn Beck ... but, the unlikely choice of Stephen Colbert. Yep, I'm going to a live taping of his show while I'm in NYC. Yes!

Look ... minus the glasses. Uh -huh. Told you.

* Took the girls to see this movie ...... and watched La Petite Belle cry during the scene where Max has to leave the Wild Things. This was only the second time I've seen her cry ... first time - "Flicka."

* Today, I get to hold a precious baby girl. My friend and co-worker, Tiffany had her first baby. So happy for her and her husband. Holding babies is pretty much the closest thing you can get to heaven. (minus the poop ... I'm pretty sure there's no poop in heaven.)

* And, this week, I get to hear this lady ...
... and some wonderful speakers when I attend this women's conference.

* And, this weekend I got to watch La Petite Belle's soccer team win 2 more games, making them undefeated. Turf Girls never quit!

It's gonna be a good week!


Richard Gaspard said...

I really wanted to go back and take a swig of that egg nog, but I noticed that the amount left in the jug (it's not a carton, btw) was on the yellow line of the label, so I just left it. I thought you would bust me for sure.

sara said...

someone is a little possessive of her egg

you will love, LOVE NYC at Christmas time!!! the Christmas spectacular at radio city is, well, spectacular. The live manger scene is amazing!!

What a great thing to look forward to!

Rachelle said...

Love Natalie Grant. Have fun at the conference!

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Sooo excited that EGGNOG is back!! Can't wait to add some of that goodness to my coffee :) It's like we skipped right to winter this year and fall took a temp layoff. The economy, I'm sure.
All of that sounds so fun...I'm hoping to go to Pasadena for Christmas this year...we'll see.

The Wixom Zoo said...

Okay, so I don't get the Steve Colbert thing, but totally understand the desire to have egg nog in the house. Have a good week!

Joan said...

Egg Nog and Christmas....two of my favorite things!


thedomesticfringe said...

All I can think is that I wish I had legs like those women.

Sounds like a great week! Keep up the happy attitude.

TCKK said...

Nope, I don't think your bi-polar, I think it's called "LIFE".

2Thinks said...

Let's hear it for the soccer moms! Wooooo hooooey!! Good job, La Petite Belle's team.

Are those the Rockettes? Looks fabulous!

I do think it looks like a good week ahead for you, Mama Belle.

And who woulda thought Eggnog in the middle of October? It's apple cider time in Michigan. Interesting.

{Jodie} said...

Wow -- it's a bit early for eggnog. You're really in a hurry for Christmas, aren't ya?!

I would be too if I were spending it in New York -- this post made me really want to go back there for Christmas. It's gonna be awesome.

Oh, and Rich's comment - priceless. :)

Amy said...

I have a recipe for French Toast made with egg nog that is TO.DIE.FOR. We always eat that for breakfast Christmas morning.

I'll be in NY for Christmas too! Upstate though, not sure we'll make it into the city this year. You will love it!

TaylorSwift said...

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