Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I miss this woman.

I lost one of the most important and influential women in my life 5 years ago.

I trusted everything this woman said. She had some incredible wisdom.

Every time anyone was with her, she captured their attention. She was a great communicator ... witty, funny, smart. And, boy, did she have some stories. I could sit and listen for days.

I loved the way she loved me. She thought I was the best thing since sliced bread. I, of course, knew otherwise. But, she always made me feel like I was the most important person in the room.

This woman was something else.

Talented beyond measure. She was the woman in church that sang so loud that, as a child, I wanted to hide under the pew. But, she didn't care. She couldn't help the fact that God had blessed her with this enormous voice. She could perform and taught others to do the same. She inspired me to be a teacher.

She could cook. Man, could she cook! I miss those chicken and dumplings, along with her amazing potato rolls. She cooked everything from scratch and I still remember the day she taught me how to make my very own pie crust.

This woman was diagnosed with breast cancer in her forties. She took care of it with surgery and treatment.

She was cancer-free for the next 16 years or so.

And, then that cancer did something that it doesn't typically do in these cases. It came back.

It is rare that a woman who has survived breast cancer at an early age will have to deal with cancer again in her later years of life.

And, at age 76, my grandmother lost her battle with cancer. Or did she win? Because now she stands before her King and her God, and joins my grandfather in heaven.

I still miss her.

Statistics say one in every eight women will develop breast cancer.
Women, please, please ... self-exams and mammograms ... GET 'EM!

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thedomesticfringe said...

Your grandmother was a beautiful woman. Thank you for your post.


Katie@The Baby Factory said...

I'd say she won the battle.
Thanks for the reminder. Life is short.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel. I had a very awesome GrandMother also we lost her to cancer 3 years ago at age 94 and I still miss her everyday.

jennifer said...

Yes, she won. The Victory was hers, through Jesus, before the word "Cancer" was ever spoken.

She sounds wonderful. I'm so sorry for your loss and I understand how it feels to miss someone in such a powerful way while being thankful that they are with the Lord.

Rachel @ Future Pastor's Wife said...

She was beautiful! And yes, she's definitely a winner! :)

TCKK said...

Such a sweet story about your grandmother. So sorry she's gone, but so glad she's with her God.

Amy@My Front Porch said...

This made me cry -- my grandma was just diagnosed with cancer last month and she is so frail it is unlikely that she will even make it through the treatment. We are faced with the reality that we will likely lose her not long from now -- but our loss is her gain -- as you said, she'll really be a winner when she joins her husband in heaven to stand before the Lord!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

"And, at age 76, my grandmother lost her battle with cancer. Or did she win?" - This gave me chills. This whole post was such a beautiful tribute and your love for her just shined through so much.

Thank you for sharing, for your passion, and encouragement to stay healthy.

H-Mama said...

what a sweet tribute to your grandmother... now you get to share those memories with your daughters. priceless.

Kari @ p.s. said...

Beautiful tribute. Beautiful photo of her up top! Love grandmas! I'm very close with mine who has been cancer free (Lymphoma) for 5 years. She is 76.

RR Mama said...

My grandmother just passed away in Jan. I miss her terribly! My other grandmother passed away almost 7 yrs ago and I miss her just as much. Your post was such a beautiful tribute to a wonderful woman! And just think one day we will get to see them again!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Sounds like one amazing woman. I think she won that battle for sure.

Beautifully written mama belle.

trash talk said...

I think I want to be your grandmother when I grow up.
Beautiful post.

victoria said...

awww....I'm so sorry you lost ur grandma, but you are right, she won her battle in a sence that she is with God All Mighty! She's much much happier now.
I was looking at her picture when she was younger and ya'll look a like to me! :) Hope you have a good day! :)
Vickie from LaSalle Parish