Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Weekend Outbursts

(This post began Monday morning, but took me the whole day to complete. Stupid housework.)

#1 - Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift

VMA (Kanye West) Taylor Swift Disrespect!


How dare he take that moment away from her!

I would have slapped the mess out of him and performed my "sword/hammer" move from P90X.

Kanye ... totally not cool, not too mention classless.

On the other hand, Beyonce' showed much class by bringing Taylor Swift back out on stage to give her acceptance speech ... uninterrupted. Thank you, Beyonce'. I already had much respect for you because of your dance moves, but this took the cake.

#2 Serena Williams vs. line judge

Serena screams profanities to line judge for calling a foot fault, which was probably a bad call. But, the outburst cost Serena the game. Not a great choice.

Here's the video. The call happens in the first few minutes. You be the judge.

If I would have been that tiny judge, I don't think I would have messed with Serena though, much less have made any calls against her. She could put a hurt on somebody.

#3 - Joe Wilson vs. Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is calling for Joe Wilson to make another apology. Wilson will likely be brought to the well of the House floor this upcoming week so she can sanction him with a resolution of "disapproval."

Get over it, Pelosi. The man already apologized.

FYI: Democrats have called Republican presidents liars numerous times. Google it. But, for some reason, they weren't punished so severely by the media and Congress. Hmmm ...

#4 Me vs. Tony Roberts

Yesterday, I shut Tony Roberts up by fast-forwarding through the last 15 minutes of the chest & back DVD. He hurt me back by the most severe 15 minutes of ab exercises ever created.

"I hate it, but I love it."

You win, Tony.

#5 - La Petite Belle vs. K Belle

Punishment ensued this weekend due to bad treatment of one another.

Mama and Daddy say, "If you can't be kind to your sister, then we can't trust you to be kind to anyone else." Grounded. The next time the invite comes to go to a friend's house or event, the answer is NO.

#6 - Roxy Belle vs. our bedroom carpet which led to me vs. the pee stain

Yet, another win for her this weekend due to her incontinence. She is no longer allowed to roam around upstairs without supervision. And, Beau and I are about to rip out all the bedroom carpets, which are only 3 years old. That dog has cost us a pretty penny.

Beau bought a "miracle" pet stain removal spray that you just spray on and the stain immediately disappears. I'm still spraying.


amber said...

I'm 5'11" and I wouldn't mess with Serena Williams. She's a scary gal, for sure!! Her and her sister both.

The Hat Chick said...

Wow! I was at a dance competition in Orlando all weekend and missed everything. Thanks for the one-stop controversy shop today. Did you see Kanye on Jay Leno last night? Jay put it to him...."what would your mother say?"....nothing hurts like mama-guilt. Or having pee-stained carpet.

sara said...

The sad thing about Serena is that there seems to be no remorse over what she did. Her 3rd and final apology DID actually contain an apology, but in my eyes no remorse.

And Kanye....it's not the first time. I guess when you need attention so bad, it doesn't matter that it makes you look like a jack*** in the process.

I have to tell you our previous dog lost it's spot in our family due to the same thing!

H-Mama said...

Totally agree with you! Beyonce' personified class!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I agree about Kanye -- what.was.he.thinking?

Didn't know about Serena -- that's unfortunate. That was one brave little referee.

That P90X sounds like some good stuff...I'm a sucker for anything that claims to give you the "best most ripped abdominal area" you've ever had...

Lois Lane II said...

Yep. Talked about the first two in my PR class yesterday. If I were Kanye's PR ppl, I'd drop him like a bad habit.

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Kanye makes me want to puke. And I am totally with you...props to Beyonce!

My aunt was at the match where Serena flipped...she was sitting close enough to hear the whole thing *sans the bleeping*...maybe saying "I'm going shove this blanketyblank ball down your blankety blank throat was the wrong choice of words"...just sayin' ;)
And while I wouldn't cross her, I wouldn't put it past her if she said that to me....ahh..it's funny to watch that line judge run away though...makes me laugh every time I see it!

Rachel @ Future Pastor's Wife said...

Kanye is such a tool. He needs his voicebox ripped out.