Wednesday, September 30, 2009

38 Things

Yeah, so tomorrow's my birthday. Whatever.

I'm going to be taking the day off from blogging to accept all the massive amount of presents I'll be receiving.

But, I did put together this little list that you can hold me accountable for during this next year (because I know you'll print it out and keep it near you and hound me about it).

38 Things to Do Before I'm 39:

1. Christmas time in NYC

2. Grow a successful batch of herbs

3. Watch all the “Godfather” movies in one day

4. See what the fuss is about “Mad Men”

5. Plant a couple of blueberry bushes and a lemon tree

6. Drink green tea in the afternoon instead of coffee most days

7. Take my girls camping for at least one night, for the experience only, not because I love it

8. Take a dance class … hip-hop, I think

9. Run a 10K, and possibly half-marathon

10. Go on a mission trip

11. Get out of some unnecessary debt

12. Attend a Saints game

13. Go fishing for something other than catfish

14. Find the perfect pair of jeans

15. Finish those last pages of the girls’ scrapbooks, then start getting them done digitally

16. Make a sushi roll

17. Make a really good pot of gumbo

18. Try to find at least one fiction book that will capture my attention

19. Start a new supper club

20. Be able to do one of those stupid Superman/Banana moves from P90X

21. Be able to do way more push-ups than I’m doing now

22. Lose 15 lbs.

23. Buy that 2nd car for Beau

24. Conquer the weeds in my yard

25. Find a great pair of running shoes

26. Introduce my girls to “Gone With the Wind” and “Oklahoma”

27. Purchase all the great old musicals that my girls and I love so much

28. Develop a really great salsa recipe and buy store-bought no more

29. Get our women’s ministry connected with a local charity that benefits women

30. Finish cooking and taking pictures of all the recipes in my personal cookbook

31. Take a family vacation

32. Learn how to play tennis to be able to play a real game with Beau

33. Go to one of those fancy painting classes with a few friends

34. Decorate cupcakes or cookies in a fancy manner for one of my girls’ class parties

35. Learn how to use a curling iron to create those cute loose curls

36. Eat more fruit and vegetables

37.Trust more

38. Be more disciplined in every area of my life

Now, I have a whole year to accomplish these things with some of them already in the works.

Age is really just a number ... 28 ... 38 ... same thing.


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

My favorite statement:

28...38...same thing.

LOVE that! Keep that attitude, and you WILL accomplish this list!

Happy Birthday girl, hope it's your best yet!

sara said...

Happy Birthday, girl. Hope it is a fantastic day!

I can help you with the salsa recipe if you want! I have been told I should sell mine.

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Very great and motivating list!! And Happy birthday! I remember last year when we all posted a bunch of videos of you. You were all over the internet that day. Good good times.

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Your kids are still allowed to bring homemade treats??? Around here they have to be prepackaged!
And jeans? The Essential Fit from the Gap...hands down the best jeans I've ever found. Love them!
Happy Birthday :)
ps, you so don't look 38. Not even close.

H-Mama said...

awww... happy birthday! make it a great one. have beau take you somewhere fancy. ;)

thedomesticfringe said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you enjoy a great fun-filled day. That's quite the list you've made! So much good stuff to do. Looks like it will be another busy year for you. Have fun! :-)


Mama Belle said...

Sara ... yes, please. Send me that salsa recipe and I can cross one more thing off my list.

Wendi ... that was pretty incredible. My hubby's the best.

Katie ... you're my new BFF.

Rachelle said...

Ya know, they say 40 is the new 20! Sounds good to me! Christmas time in NYC is WONDERFUL! If you need a buddy...... :)

Laura said...

Happy Birthday!!

On No. 18, try "The Hidden Hand," it's an old serialized novel with a hilarious female protagonist. You would really like it.


~Jenna's Baggs said...

WOW! what a list, very impressive :) happy birthday to an impressive woman!!

Mama2hre said...

Happy Birthday! What an awesome to-do list! Have fun! :)

Rachel @ Future Pastor's Wife said...


This reminds me of last year when Beau sent out all the videos. How fun was that?

And when you figure out to do...

17, 28, 35, and 38

... let me know the secret!

BTW we're supposed to be going to the Saints/Falcons on Nov. 2. It's a Monday night game. You guys should try to make it for that game!

Beautiful Mess said...

Happy Birthday! What a great idea-yet I would probably procrastinate until the eve of my birthday and that is a lot to cram into one night so I'll skip the list :)) But Good luck to you and keep us updated on your progress! No doubt you will!

Enjoying your blog! Jen

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Lose fifteen pounds? From where?

This is a fun list! Christmastime in NYC is awesome, I highly recommend it.

And when you find the perfect pair of jeans, be sure to share.

Happy birthday!

.:: b e k k a h ::. said...

aw! happy birthday! you should introduce your girls to "seven brides for seven brothers" to go along with OK and Gone with the wind.

may God bless you with many more birthdays!

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

Your bday is one day before mine.

Happy "early" bday!!

TCKK said...

Wish you well with your list!

Happy Birthday!