Tuesday, August 4, 2009

She has her own views.

Conversation during lunch:

La Petite Belle: At my wedding or baby shower, I'm not going to have any beer. ('cause there's always beer at baby showers)

Me: OK, whatever you say. I'll remind you of that.

Beau: You can do whatever you want, it's your wedding.

La Petite Belle: I'll have lemonade, iced tea, sweet tea ('cause it's different than just plain iced tea), Sprite, root beer

Beau: You know, baby, drinking in itself is not a sin.

Me: Drunkenness is a sin and it's not healthy.

La Petite Belle: Well, I think it's a sin.

Me: Well, alright.

La Petite Belle: But, I WILL have Dr. Pepper (her version of alcohol).

She has opinions about this topic, along with smoking. Read all about them here and here.

Click here for an excellent article on this controversial subject. I'd love to know what you think.


sara said...

That was a great article, thanks for linking it.

my husband and I have tried to practice and teach our children moderation in all areas of life. you can imagine that in regards to drinking this is hard as a pastor's family.

He brings out many good points, but I like how he ended it......That said, I’ll close with two statements I think we all can agree on: Too much drinking does bad things to people. So does too much judgment.

Julie said...

I think it is wonderful that she KNOWS exactly what she wants. She will be a very strong woman when she gets older. Maybe a leader to her peers as well, wouldn't that be wonderful?

"Rachel" said...

Dr. Pepper flowing freely at her wedding? I'M THERE. :) Girl's got wisdom for such a young age.

BaronessBlack said...

Funny girl! Interestingly, my sister was the same at that age, then she eased up a bit, then in her late teens/early twenties she moved to Paris! 'Nuff said!

Rachelle said...

She sounds a little like me...

Sara@i.Sass said...

mmmmmm, I really liked that article. Like the Brood of Vipers...
I also like that you're sweet girl knows exactly what she wants, and what she believes. That is awesome.
good stuff.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Cracks me up because I tell my kids and the youth I work with that I'm not going to serve them "drug pop" which is only caffeinated soda. (I do let them have it; I just like to say that: NO DRUG POP!) The article you linked to was great, and the last lines "Too much drinking does bad things to people. So does too much judgment," is stellar.

We never had alcohol in our home, and our kids never thought we were strange.
1. We just don't enjoy it.
2. Husband grew up in alcoholic home and so the memory and association is unpleasant.
3. They teach kids in school that alcohol is a DRUG and that you should never do drugs, so we didn't want to confuse them when they were little.

However, I don't think poorly of people who do enjoy it, but I don't think it's right to get drunk. And drunk/buzzed driving is HORRIBLE.

Joan said...

I think it's more about motive and the condition of our heart than whether alcohol is good or bad.

If you 'need' a drink to relax or you turn to it for comfort or to tune out, then I think that is a sin. We should turn our hearts toward God.

Everything in moderation is a good rule, but turning to something other than God for any reason is wrong. If it interferes with our communion and worship of God daily, moment by moment then I think that is also wrong.

This could be said of anything: food, tv, internet, video games, alcohol, shopping, and even Church.

Great article and though provoking subject.

Also, nothing wrong with kids having a strong sense of right and wrong at a young age. They need it to withstand peer pressure.

Have a great day,


H-Mama said...

I, too, enjoyed his closing statement... and agree with most of the comments left. Great article! Love your daughter's spirit!

Amy said...

Hmm...interesting...very controversial. I'm with La Petite on this one -- I'd take Dr. Pepper over alcohol any day :)

I have to admit I've heard a lot of good reasons for abstaining from alcohol but have yet to hear of a very good one for partaking in it.

That being said, I think the closing comments in the article summed up the debate well.

victoria said...

I believe she will learn that drinking is ok, but getting drunk is not! I was alot like ur daughter when I was younger and I had the same views as her. It's good that she is this way tho, u can probably guarantee that she won't smoke, get drunk, or get high! You are very blessed woman! I love reading ur posts they really make me laugh and let me know what I'm looking forward to when my child becomes a pre-teen and teen! God Bless!
Vicki from Lasalle Parish.

Birdie said...

It's such a cool thing to see our kids turn into these independent thinkers.

fransmomma said...

wow, a lot to think about.
i enjoyed the article and reading everyones comments on it.
with my husband being a youth pastor, we dont want to give anyone a reason to ever question our lifestyle. a lot of times people-especially teenagers who dont know any better-assume that if youre drinking, youre getting drunk, because 'how could you possibly have just one glass of wine? whats the fun in that?' we wouldnt want them to ever assume that about us, and rather than have to explain or defend our actions, we just skip it all together. especially now with facebook, you never know when a picture may pop up somewhere-an innocent picture that could be misinterpreted by a youth or their parent (i've seen it happen).
anyway, i think its a fantastic article and i will be sharing it with my man.
i also think amy made a great point, 'i've heard a lot of good reasons for abstaining from alcohol but have yet to hear of a very good reason for partaking in it.' so true.
...plus, who needs all those extra calories? am i right?
i'd rather have chocolate.