Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reasons Why I Have a Mouth Ulcer the Size of Texas

Trying to type in and format over 350 recipes for a church cookbook in 2 weeks

Waking up early again because of school starting and feeling guilty because I'm not waking up even earlier to exercise ... 5:00 a.m. ... here I come

Planning to head up a girls' trip in 2 weeks that includes 60 "girls" and keeping them all happy

Keeping up with my girls' new schoolwork and activities

Trying to write a Christmas script by next Tuesday when I don't really even know what the script is about

Possibility of huge financial opportunity that Beau and I are waiting on (praying for favor)

Living with one car with girls back in school (why the "huge financial opportunity" would help)

Knowing New York trip is only about 3 1/2 months away and I haven't planned very much or saved up much money to spend (see aforementioned "huge financial opportunity")

Going back and forth to the eye doctor to try out new contacts that are strong enough and fit for my eyes (or should I say "eye" ... the left one, to be specific)

Planning Christmas party for 200-something ladies, magazine, huge spring conference with Nicole Johnson, summer mission trip to El Salvador ... then starting the whole process over again

Needing way more sleep

But, you know what makes me feel a little more happy inside ... knowing that I will not have to watch Beau's choice of Fox News all night, every night, because soon it will be back.

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Dwight, how I miss you!


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

You poor, poor little over-worked mama!!! You need to take care of yourself. I'm praying with you.

Lois Lane II said...

HAHA, do you have Beau change the channel from news, too? I HATE when Superman does that at night. Okay, see, I loovvvee cuddling with him right before bed and watching a comedy to wind down. BUT when he puts it on Fox News, my blood pressure just starts rising, and I can't go to sleep!

I cannot wait for the Office...

McElroy Family Happenings said...

Yes! Waiting for Dwight's return here in SE Texas, too! Sounds like there is a ton of stress and exciting stuff coming your way. Can't wait to hear about it all.

atara said...

Girl - it's not even Sept. and you are having May craziness! I can't wait for The Office to return!!

Amy said...

Wow, your life is CRAZY!

I too have been getting up at 5 a.m. to exercise. Is a mouth ulcer going to follow? I hope not.

The Office -- cannot wait.

"Rachel" said...

I LOVE the emergency disaster mode!

And, um, what exactly is a mini crotch projector? (It's your BlogHer ad today)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

RE: marathon: "5 ... 4 ...3... 2... Do it!!"