Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My life is full of excitement.

We've had an eventful day filled with:

one daughter getting into hot water with her parents 
(she takes the saying, "it's easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission" literally)

other daughter running around in yard with dog, stubbed her toe on a brick, and we think broke it ... now, she's incapacitated

same incapacitated child broke into uncontrollable cries and screams before bed and begged us to take her to the hospital, or to quote her, "someone call the doctor," because of a "crick" in her cheek (I have no clue what this was about and have never heard of a cramp or "crick" in your face. We think it might be a tooth. Who knows.)

gave same child Tylenol and touted it as a cure-all ... crying died down and sleep followed

props for tomorrow night's sermon that involves me ... minus one vital appendage:
(and no, I do not condone the purchasing of Bratz dolls ... this is the only one I allowed my daughter to keep because it was a gift. I'm actually thrilled that her foot is gone. She actually has more foot than clothes.)

figured out that one way you can get minimal comments on a post is to post about drinking and alcohol, when your readers are primarily Christians (Chickens ... um ... I mean ... how wise you are!)

Beau made chicken fried rice and, after working out with Jillian, I ate all mine and the rest of La Petite Belle's ... self-control is not my most-predominant virtue. (to make matters worse ... Kleinpeter Cafe' Au Lait ice cream ... Dear Me ... run to your nearest store and get you some of that Kleinpeter stuff)

The toad from Hell made his weekly visit.

And, to add to the excitement, Roxy Belle got a new toy.


JenT said...

OH my goodness! You can totally hear that frog in the background in the second video! Uugghh...that would annoy me like crazy! But then I'm not really a frog person. Live frogs anyway. Not that I like dead frogs. Well, I like frog legs. But fake frogs are ok, kind of cute. Ok, I'm shutting up now. lol

H-Mama said...

oh nooo... the frog must go! we have a frog we've named 'freddy' (that may be a girl for all we know) that stays by our front door, but never makes a sound. poor you.

did i hear someone say, 'that makes one of us?' in the 2nd video? funny...

adorable dog. that's the kind of dog the girls and i wanted, but we have jasmine... she's a keeper too.

i'll have to go back and read your other post... i missed it.

Kora Bruce said...

Kudos to you for not giving into the Bratz phenomenon. I think they're one of the worst toys out there for girls...

How are you liking "working out with Jillian?" I just got started using My Fitness Coach for Wii, and Maya is already kicking my butt.

tonya said...

The frog would make me absolutely nuts!! Poor, poor, poor you!!!!

"Rachel" said...

I don't condone animal cruelty, but I'd be finding ways to dispose of that frog STAT.

sara said...

oh my word, that frog would drive me CRAZY!!!

I have been known to get up in the middle of the night (meaning Steve is up too) to search out a cricket!!

TCKK said...

Okay, the frog would drive me crazy, but I love the dog!!!!!

Daiquiri said...

Oh, that blasted frog! Sic Roxie on it ;-)