Monday, August 24, 2009

I can't imagine.

My friend, Rachel, has made us all aware of the Maxey family. This family has already lost one little girl, Maddie (14 months), to a rare form of cancer and have been treating their second daughter, Annette, for the exact same type of cancer.

I can't imagine losing a child.

I can't imagine, after losing a child, having another child diagnosed with the same disease that killed my first child.

The parents, Natalie and Kirk, have decided that they will bring Annette home so that she can be more comfortable. She has lost her vision and has suffered brain damage from her treatments. This is their statement from their blog:
"We’ve decided not to give her any more chemo or to pursue any more treatments for the necrosis. I say “we’ve decided” like there was really any decision to make. At this point chemo is only going to make her feel bad, and, honestly, we feel like we’ve done enough. For now, we’ll focus our efforts on getting her comfortable at home. If all goes as planned, that will happen Tuesday or so."

Our hearts are all broken for them and their son, Grant.

Rachel is asking 2 things. This is from her blog:

1) if you haven't written a letter to them, please consider doing so. I know it seems like a daunting task - what in the world do you say to a family going through this? The original purpose of this project was to write out prayers, encouraging notes, Scriptures, etc. You can find all the details at the special site we set up for them, Hope for the Maxeys ( It doesn't have to be deep or long or eloquent. This is just members of the body of Christ reaching out to our brother & sister.

2) I know many of you have already posted the buttons in your sidebar. I am now asking if you would blog about this family as they make this incredibly difficult decision regarding their precious daughter. Most of you have readers that I don't have and could never contact, and I need your help and your "network" to reach other prayer warriors in the body of Christ.

Rachel will be printing and delivering these letters next week. So, if you haven't already written, please do.

This I know is true: God is good and there is nothing that is impossible for Him. His ways are higher than ours.

Please pray.

We all need to go and hold our children a little longer and a little tighter today. Thank you, God, for the life and health of our children.


Kari said...

this is the first I have heard of this family. I'm going to go read up on them. thanks for posting.

LZ Blogger said...

Even though this post in very solemn and thoughtful, your blog is actually very cute and uplifting. You've got it RIGHT about what's really important in life! CONGRATULATIONS! ~ jb///

"Rachel" said...

Thank you for posting this!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Thank you for posting this... I will definitely try to help in anyway I can. Thanks.

jennifer said...

I read this post in my reader yesterday and was just broken hearted for this family.