Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Child's Prayer (not the way Robert Louis Stevenson penned them)

(from La Petite Belle's mouth last night)

"God, help Daddy get a car. And, God help that car to be suh-weet!" (This made me giggle.)

"And, help K Belle (used real name) to want to kiss me on the lips." (That one made me sad. I gave her my wise counsel ... "Don't worry about it. She's becoming one of those weird teenagers. Pretty soon, you won't want to kiss her on the lips anyway." Then, Beau and I proceeded to shower her with lip kisses.)


Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Hearing kids pray is one of the best things ever isn't it?? Especially when they start coming up with things on their own and you get a peak into their hearts. :)

Suh-weet cars and lip kisses - who doesn't want that??

Jeff Ables said...

Please let her know I am standing in agreement over both prayers!

Rachelle said...

I just typed up a post on lip kisses! SO FUNNY! I LOVE LIP KISSES! It must be in the air.... Such sweet girls. You must be so proud!

H-Mama said...

love those lil' prayers. lip kisses. wow. my oldest is happy when lil' sister voluntarily hugs her. :)

Tracie said...

parker has already decided he is too old for lip kisses. ummmm...he's 8!

i dread the day my girls tell me they are too old. jenna is 16 and still lets me give her "lip kisses" so i may be ok with them!!

3 Blessings said...

So sweet. I love to hear my kids pray too. I know that God gets those warm fuzzies too because it is just so precious.

TCKK said...

Wonderful prayer. I bet it made God smile too!

jennifer said...

LOVE hearing my son pray. It is suh-weet! *that cracked me up*

We aren't lip kissers. My girls don't kiss at all (but they give each other BIG hugs). I think it is in the raising - my parents weren't lip kissers nor were my inlaws.

It's interesting how families differ. It sounds like y'all are loving and affectionate. We are too, but with hugs and cheek kisses :)

I'm doing a post (tomorrow I think?) about free blog templates. I am linking to you as my favorite custom template (cause it's true).

victoria said...

awww...I have a 1 year old and I shower him with kisses sometimes. It's funny with some of the faces he makes cause I'm doing it so fast. He won't kiss me on the lips much anymore. Going through that toddler stage. He will suprise me and run up to me and pucker up!