Thursday, July 16, 2009

Uh ... thanks ... I guess.

How would you take it if you were told you looked like Minnie Mouse today? Is that supposed to be a compliment?

How about some other Disney character, like Belle or Ariel? Who wouldn't love to look like any of those princesses? But, Minnie ... not so much.

You be the judge.

I just don't see it.
Must be the shirt. Not the shoes or ginormous mime gloves.

I guess I should just be thankful it wasn't Goofy.


bwallace said...

If you went to work dressed like Ariel (from the 1st half of the movie) you'd have much bigger issues.

Even bigger issues if you smelled like Ariel (again, 1st half)

The Hat Chick said...

Hey....Minnie is cute! And so are you!

H-Mama said...

well, you both look good in red. ;)

Lindsay said...

You crack me up :)

"Rachel" said...

I say get you a big polka dot bow and finish off the whole look. :)

And I like what bwallace said - you come as Ariel with seashells over your boobs and you've got much bigger problems than being compared to a rodent. :)

Liz said...

I doubt that I would've pinned Minnie on you, but then you put the clip art up and... well... I guess your tops sort of match.

By the way, I read you in a feed reader and didn't know you changed your blog design. I like it!

Lois Lane II said...

I hope you have yellow shoes on, lol!!! If not, you can borrow mine. ;)

Sara@i.Sass said...

You are missing the bow, oh and the yellow shoes. Hey, at least you have a jump on the rest of us for what to wear for halloween, now wouldn't it be funny if you DID intentionally wear that with ears/bow and shoes and nobody got who you were trying to be.
I'm so mean huh?
I always thought it would be fun to be goofy, he's so tall. Can't say that about me.

TCKK said...

I gotta laugh. I'm imagining the big red bow!!!!

3 Blessings said...

You crack me up just about every time I check your blog. Too funny. Thanks for the smiles.

thedomesticfringe said...

I like the Minnie look myself.


jennifer said...

Unfortunately I sound like her southern cousin :(

I think you look pretty in your dots!

Mimi said...

Funny! You do know that Minnie rules at Disney, right?
I've heard worse. A friend's daughter once said I'm like a smurf because I smile so much. A smurf!!!