Friday, July 31, 2009

Bill O'Reily and Me ... we're like distant cousins.

My husband and I are faithful O'Reilly fans. Or should I say my husband DVRs his show every night so that he never misses a thing. And you'd better not talk or interrupt Mr. O'Reilly during this time, or Beau will give you one of his infamous furrowed brow looks. He actually just finished his book and is an expert on Bill O'Reilly. Ask him any question and I'm sure he'll know the answer to it.

But, I digress ...

I do agree with most of what Bill O'Reilly says.

However ...

I was extremely distracted during the introduction of one of his regular commentators on Monday night's show. So distracted that I immediately picked up my computer and emailed him my thoughts.

Here's the email:


My husband and I are faithful viewers of your show. On Monday night, I literally said, "Are you serious?" and "You've got to be kidding me," when Marina came on. Bill, I'm wondering if there are any language experts out there that might be more qualified for that segment, or is the only requirement that you have to wear low-cut blouses that show off your enormous breasts. Add to that, you have to be beautiful and speak with a foreign accent. Just wondering. Maybe you can get a handsome French guy who doesn't wear a shirt. I think I'd enjoy that better. Just my humble female opinion.

Too harsh?

I don't think so.

I wanted to post the video, which I did find, but after putting it up, realized the image on the video was of her in a bikini. Seriously?

Go here to check out her appearance on Monday night's show. Just one look at her website will make you ask yourself ... she's an expert on the origin of words?

I'm sorry, I can't hear anything you're saying or much less read anything on your website due to your barrage of distracting bikini pictures and the picture of you in your bikini top with a bottle of champagne trying to "teach" us the origin of the word "hangover."

Beau says that Bill really likes her and has her on his show all the time. Duh. No joke.
(insert eye-rolling here)

In fact, most of the regulars he has on the show are beautiful, blonde reporters ... Megyn Kelly, Monica Crowley, Lis Wiehl, Margaret Hoover, Martha MacCallum, Laura Ingraham (whom I love), and even sometimes, Ann Coulter. Hmmm ... Bill, Bill, Bill ... I'm not sure what to think about this and about you.

Now that I'm thinking about it ... the best-looking male guest he has as a regular on his show is Glenn Beck. Good grief.

If what's good for the goose is good for the gander, I think some of the segments would be a lot more appealing to his female audience if he had someone like Gerard Butler giving us his opinion on the condition of the economy. He could call it "P.S. I Love 300 Ugly Truths."
I might be able to pay better attention.


Jeff Ables said...

Your probably right about the language "expert," but I think Megyn Kelly, Monica Crowley, Lis Wiehl, Margaret Hoover, Martha MacCallum, Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter are there because a. They are experts in their fields and b. They are there to balance the gender ratio seeing as how it's a male hosted show. I thought you girls wanted equality - what's the problem? What we don't want to see is Beck and Geraldo with their shirts unbuttoned low trying to look sexy. (ugh - I just vomited in my throat.)

Mama Belle said...


I do agree about the other ladies. It was just an observation.

And, I think the whole "equality" thing was meant to count for our minds, not our bodies. We were just not created equal on that account. And, a woman who uses her body to get attention and work her way to the top would be looked down upon by those women who fought for equal rights.

sara said...

You go girl!!! Let us know if you get an answer!!

H-Mama said...

Amen Sista!!!

Daiquiri said...

Yikes - I made the mistake of clicking over to Miss Wordy's site with children in the room - um...not suitable for family viewing!

I guess it's all about the buzz right? Here we are talking about his show...

I love that you wrote to him. I think you and I might be distant cousins. I got an "update from the White House" yesterday on the health insurance reform Obama wants...and I promptly wrote right back!

Now I hear strange clicking noises when I'm on the phone and there's a couple of black cars parked outside my house, but whatever ;-)

"Rachel" said...

So did your email make it on the show?

You know, if Bill put Gerard Butler on there to do language expertise, I might tune in past the Talking Points. So, more ratings for him. He should totally listen to you.

Kari said...

Laughing. Great post today :o)

Dawn Townsend said...

Our husbands would get along...and I SO agree with you about the blondes. My husband's convinced it's one of Fox News' ways of getting at the other networks ("No one else has hot news anchors like Fox")--insert MY eyes rolling here.

Hope you're well,

TCKK said...

Girl, you are cracking me up!!!!

The Hat Chick said...

I try to watch O'Reilly but I really can't stand how he constantly interrupts his rude. I would watch if he was interrupting Gerard Butler, Harry Connick Jr, or Hugh Jackman (in Australia, not XMen).

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

OH you crack me up! All of the women on Fox News Channel dress like tha, even Gretchen Carlson. Seriously, I think it's insulting, and I've almost emailed them. But my friends would agree with you about Gerard. They all have crushes on him. Me, not so much.

Birdie said...

Yeah, I wanna just slap him sometimes with the videos he shows and in general really. I prefer Glenn Beck. At least I'll laugh in between the crying over the mess our country's in!