Friday, June 12, 2009

Sugar and Spice and everything nice? Not always.

(except for this little angel) (cough, cough)
I was in Dance Recital Hell today (hours and hours were spent at the performing arts center with lots of little girls and their mommies). Here are my observations.

* I've heard enough arguing between mommies and daughters to last a lifetime. And enough mommies complaining about their daughters to one other.

Examples of what I heard today:
"In 2 seconds I'm gonna whip you." (about 20 times)

"If you don't be still ... "

One little girl calling her mommy, "fatty."

* The girls were whiney and bored as they waited for their next dance.

La Petite Belle even proceeded to do one of her classmate's make-up. Not good.

* I've also never seen so many girls spending so much time dancing and singing into the mirror. There were no self-esteem problems in the room.

* Too many girls in one room bring out the bossiness in every one of them. Each one telling the other one what to do and where to stand. I saw much potential for cat fights. Oh well, there's always tomorrow. Funny how as soon as they hit the stage ... huge smiles. Show-offs.

* Know what else is funny? How girls can't just sit and be still unless they have a Nintendo DS in their hand. Precisely the reason we don't have one.

* I definitely am itching to take a Hip-Hop class. For real. I have had a long-time, serious relationship with dance that was squashed about 18 years age, but that relationship is about to be rekindled.

La Petite Belle even asked me yesterday to show her some of my dance moves. She knows her mama can bust a move. Although, I learned last weekend from my girlfriends that some of my moves are inappropriate. I'll need to tone it down a bit for the girl.

I know that you're so looking forward to dance recital pictures and videos. So, why disappoint? Here are the only lame pictures and video I was able to get. They're not good.

La Petite Belle in her Belle costume. (Well, look how that turned out.)
Hanging out backstage, begging me to record her as a honeybee.
Ready to go onstage for "The Flintstones."
She's the one in the middle most of the time, until someone was trying to pass in front of me as I was recording. Thanks, lady.
La Petite Belle reminded me to make sure I get her flowers for tonight. She's not like her mother in this area. I'll take money or jewelry any day over flowers. But, it's her deal.

And her pick for dinner ... Olive Garden. The question is: Will I be able to withstand the temptation brought about by the breadsticks?


sara said...

now I was really hoping for a video of you bustin a move with your girl!!!

just say no to the breaksticks....even though I couldn't!!

jennifer said...

She looks beautiful! Recitals are so important to young dancers. Forever memories!

I understand the "rekindling" that happens at recitals. I felt the same way. God gave dance back to me for a short time (6 years) and I was able to teach young ladies (many around your daughter's age).

Good luck with the Hip Hop classes. Can't wait to hear about it!

Taylor said...

Nostalgic rekindling.

Rach@In His Hands said...

Mmmmm, that's all I can think of. Yum-o!

Oh girls. SO very sweet and yet they can be SO NOT sometimes!

Lois Lane II said...

You deserve those breadsticks after that day. ;)

She's such a good tapper!

Darla said...

those girls look so much like their daddy! they are so cute in their costumes. we always loved recital time which sometimes does resemble hell, but it's such a cute hell, anyway, those are great memories once they get the ages of mine, teens. girls are so much fun!

Erica said...

Yes, I do believe we are neighbors. We just finished dancing as well-so glad to have a little break! I've been taking the HipHop class @ Jill much fun. I too was a dancer my whole youth so it is a BLAST! You should definitely do it!

The Hat Chick said...

Since you've been on both sides, which is mom or stage mom?

La Petite looked so cute! I just love dance recitals!

Windy said...

Cute costumes!
My oldest was in competition dance for about 9 years, and the things we heard! I was amazed at the way girls spoke to their Moms and so thankful that mine didn't do that!
PS hope you ate the breadsticks:)