Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No, this is not turning into a cooking blog.

However, my wonderful, darling husband served this up for dinner. There's nothing sexier than a man who can cook ... cook well ... and even serve your plate. I love that man. 
Now, before you think I just sat on my butt, while he served me, think again. I did cook the rice and the asparagus.

Other things:

* My girls have discovered that they love the game of charades. However, La Petite Belle is challenged in the "sounds like" aspect of the game. For "Andy Griffith," she acted out "Cherry Ship," as a sounds like. Ummm .... no, not close. We have played charades, or "shu-reds," as she calls it, two nights in a row.

* In a month, my oldest daughter will be 12. What?!? How does someone of my age (cough) have a 12-year-old?

* A little advice: Don't allow your husband to have access to your Netflix account. Stupid movies will suddenly appear in your queue.

* "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" will arrive today. I am quite wary of this movie, knowing the whole unbelievable premise and all, but will give it a shot. And, Brad Pitt ... I'm not a fan. But, Cate Blanchett, I absolutely love.

* I ran a little over 3 miles last night and it was actually the first time I think I could have gone 4 miles. I think it was due to the cool weather after the thunderstorm we had. Needless to say, I didn't because it was almost 8:30 and dark. Running in the dark is not cool.

* K Belle is headed to see Demi Lovato tomorrow with a friend. If you have daughters, you know who she is ... another one of Disney's superstars. David Archuleta is with her. When I asked La Petite Belle if she wanted me to get tickets for she and I to go, she said, "Nah. I don't really want to go." Thank you, Lord.

* My daughters have informed me that my newest bathing suit is inappropriate. I have taught you well, young daughters. (Obviously this suit will have to become a private sunbathing one.)

* One of the greatest things about summer ... watermelon. I crave it. Can't get enough of it. In fact, I think I'll get some now.

Happy Tuesday!


Joan said...

The Brad Pitt movie was ok. Probably not appropriate for the girls though. Also it's very very very long.


sara said...

that meal looks AWESOME!!!! What a man!

You need to get the games DICEcapades and Quelf...I think your family would love them!!

My daughter just turned 20....ya, I feel your pain!

let us know what you think of the Benjamin Button movie...I've heard mixed reviews.

I have no idea who Demi Lovato is...guess that is good?!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Mmmmmm, watermelon is my fav. I could easily eat just that for dinner.

"Cherry Ship" had me cracking up. I love that girl.

H-Mama said...

Beau cooking dinner = impressive. Ooooh, my girls would be a tad bit jealous of that concert. What a great mommy/daughter date!

thedomesticfringe said...

That was a fine looking meal your man cooked. Maybe he should be a guest blogger and share a recipe or two!


Jeanette said...

I know what you mean! I'm only 25 and have a 14 & 15 year old daughters. How does THAT happen?

Dinner looks great! We will be over tonight :}

I LOVE WATERMELON. We eat at least 1 a week. Yummy!

Julie said...

o.k. Jeanette . . . you know what you get when you lie . . . we all know, especially me since I am your sister that you are not even close to 25~~~ but I love you anyway, regardless of your age.

I too love watermelon Mama Belle and it is one of my favorites.

Your hubs appears to have chef talents! He could be the next food network star!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

HEY I LOVE Your new header... sorry its taken me so long to notice... I usually read you in my reader!!!


You DO have a good man, that looks delicious...

FUnny thing, I ALSO have been craving watermelons!!!

The Hat Chick said...

My girl will be 12 this summer too. I'm already getting glimpses of the teenage moodiness.

I loved Benjamin Button, and I'm not a big Brad fan.

Watermelon and homemade ice cream.....yummmm!