Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm not sarcastic at all.

If you've been around the old blog long enough, you know I'm serious about 38.2% of the time.

Life's too short and got too many problems of its own to always post about deep, serious stuff.

Now, don't get me wrong ... I have come up with some humdingers that were quite gut-wrenching (check the archives ... they're there). Because when I am serious ... it's big-time.

I am a firm believer of the daily renewal of your mind. (major struggle for yours truly)

Every. Day. 

Every. Hour.

Every. Minute. Of the day.

I found this video over at Birdie's. It totally cracked me up because (A) it's extremely sarcastic, so I can relate, and (B) the sarcasm speaks volumes about the subject.

There's some great truth in this, ya'll. Watch it.
Sometimes this type of thinking is just the way I think. For real. (Well, maybe not to this extreme.)

Renewal of the mind daily is the only thing that will get us past our own mental misery. 

Tell your mind to SHUT UP and speak the TRUTH to it. When you speak it, your mind has nothing to do but listen.

Misery sucks.
(Is "sucks" a curse word? I get my kids' "bad words" mixed up with the real bad words. Sometimes "stinks" just doesn't do it.)


Patrice said...

I so LOVE this!! I am going to have to swipe this for our ladies blog....forgive me, but it's too good not to share for them!

Joan said...

Very articulate, I'm hopelessly flawed. I guess that's a start! Very funny.


bwallace said...

that last parenthetical is quite a fundamental truth. one we are presently having to work out in our home thanks to our parrot of a kid.

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Oh my goodness - I laughed, but I cringed, because it is SO how I think.

H-Mama said...

hmmm.... this comes after my mommy whine yesterday. ;)

Cassandra @ Tripping Around The Sun said...

Sarcasm is my love language haha and according to Ed (Young) is off limits :( sorry...and it's been one of my favorite by-words for years...

thedomesticfringe said...

That video was great!!!!

How do you just stumble upon all the good videos you use?

Hey, I'm having a blog carnival this week. I'd love for you to play along. You can even pull a post out of the archives if you'd like.

Come check it out! I'm giving away 4 tickets to a museum in NYC.

sara said...

this was so good.....but way too true!!! yikes.

Birdie said...

*L* My mom said "suck" the other day and I could NOT believe it I wanted to say, "Mom!" It was just wrong *L*
Anyhoo I loved what you wrote about the vid. Can I steal it? hee hee

TCKK said...

Funny, but so true!!

jennifer said...

I love that video! I watched it at Birdie's and thought about posting it too. The sarcasm used makes some really good points.

I slipped the other day and used a worse word than sucks in front of my kids. I was shocked that it popped out and my kids were too :(

jennifer said...

I posted this video today - it hangs off of my page. I am such a professional :)