Friday, June 5, 2009

A Few Thoughts Before I Go

I'm going to the beach. Again. This time with girlfriends. Good times.

Here's some thoughts ...

* Beau and I have been discussing this question lately: Would you rather know when you're going to die or die instantly? Heavy stuff.

* Just heard that Angelina Jolie is the most powerful and influential celebrity. Really?

* My meals today consisted of a skinny grande caramel latte, a medium Coke, 2 bite-size Reese's, a Jolly Rancher, and 4 pieces of pizza for dinner. That's healthy. (said in sarcastic tone)

* I'd be OK with not seeing another Cialis or Viagra commercial. Ever. Seriously.

* La Petite Belle is an emotional mess this week due to long, hot days of soccer camp. She's cried every night before bed over the silliest things. It's almost humorous.

* Beau gets irritated when I rub him with my feet, like I'm doing right now as I lay on the couch. I'm a foot-rubber. I just can't help it.

* Summer television ... boring.

* Bathing suits are not as flattering as clothes.

* God is doing some stuff in me. Not sure about it. But at 4:49 a.m., I was awoken by this statement in my head ... "You ask me every day to purify your heart." Not that I'll ever have a pure heart, but hmmm ...

* Next Bible study on sex. Should prove for some interesting discussions. Lord, help me.

* I'm not taking my computer to the beach. I will not let the fact that this post will show "0 comments" for 2 days bother me.

Happy Weekend!


Joan said...

I want to die quick.

I also agree on those commercials, and summer TV!

Have a great weekend.


{Jodie} said...

1. Good question that I've never been able to get to the bottom of myself.

2.Angelina? Pfft. Whatever.

3. Tasty. :)

4. Those commercials... people have no shame.

5. Summer TV - I like it. What's not to love about Here Come the Newlyweds, Wipeout and So You Think You Can Dance? Oh, and the Bachelorette... which I like b/c it's so awfully bad.

6. You swimsuit vs. clothing statement made me laugh. So true. Why can't we tan through our clothes?

Have fun!!!

sara said...

have a fantastic weekend!!!! on the beach with girlfriends.....perfect!!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

*Yeah - really don't want to know when I'm gong to die. I would be way too preoccupied with that little bit of info...

*Angelina - She's not influential in our house. Over half of the inhabitants don't even know who she is. So there.

*Great meal. Makes me feel a little better about some of mine... :)

*But cialis and Viagra commercials do make for a good laugh every now and then. Or they used to. Before they were given an insane amount of air time.

*Poor La Petite Belle. I can relate. When I have long days I just sit and cry too. Over things that are so not cry worthy. Give her lots of hugs. And then leave the room and laugh if you must. :)

*I get annoyed when Dave or the boys rub me with their feet. It's just not right. :)

*Summer television is about like winter television here. We hardly ever watch it. I do agree with Jodie though - wipe out is so silly that it entices us to watch. :)

*Bathing suite - big problem for me right now. Big problem.

*Excited to hear more about God's working. You always explain it so well and you are so honest in how he works in your heart and your responses to Him.

*I led a Bible study on sex a couple of months ago. It was awesome. I think it's a subject that doesn't get enough attention among married Christian ladies and so totally should.

Have so much fun at the beach. and I have now done my part so that the comments will NOT say 0. :)

H-Mama said...

yes, i agree with jodie. with the technology we have today, surely we would have more clothing available to those of us who refuse to wear floss for a swimsuit.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

You are a funny girl. :-)

1. I'd rather die quickly. I can't stand the anticipation.

2. Angelina smangelina. What does she know?

3. At least you started your day with the skinny caramel latte. What could go wrong with that?

4. Ditto on the commercials and bathing suits. Although, I did receive a bit of inspiration from that one where the couple are taking separate baths outside. Kinda cool.

5. Can't wait to hear what God's doing in ya. Plus, maybe we'll hear a little about that Bible study! ;-)

6. Have a great weekend!

Jeanette said...

1. I'd rather not think about it.
2. Ah, eeeewwwww!
3. Sounds like the perfect balance :}
4. ditto - they creep me out! Add the KY commericals to that.

Summer tv is boring except that I stumbled on the SciFi channel today and they were showing the old Land of the Lost shows!

Bathing suits are better than birthday suits which is what we would have to look at without bathing suits. Um, yeah!

Lastly, enjoy your time away and bring us back tons of pictures!!

Birdie said...

I'm not as firm, shall we say, as I was about 15 years ago and truth be told I want perfection again before I'd let myself be seen in one. How prideful is that?? I wish I didn't care, but I do. I could care less who else goes out in one but I just can't do it!
PLUS how do you deal with men looking at you?? I hate having men look at me (except Big D of course!). They creep me out because I don't trust them (except my husband & family members) Around here they're not shy about letting you know what they think. One guy started following me to me van as I walked to my car in the Wal-mart parking lot! He asked how much I weighed - of all things! and if I was from Scandenavia or some such country! He said other things too but I can't remember now what they were. I couldn't get to the car fast enough... I was freaked OUT. Then the other day at Lowe's This guy walks by me, closer than any stranger should have, and made this low, groaning, grunt sort of noise like "Mmm"- you know, dirty sounding! *shudder* they just scare me and I don't trust them in general so I don't want anyone looking at me especially in a bathing suit. Don't you feel vulnerable?? EEK!

Then there's the viagra thing - GOOD GRIEF! An erection lasting more than 4 hours? Do they really need to say that? I can't get to the clicker fast enough sometimes and I just know that one day my ten year old daughter's gonna say "Mama, what's an erection?" *L*

I don't want to know when I'm gonna die either. I just don't want any torture involved. No burning and no drowning. Oh and no pain either - ha!

Hope you have a BLAST at the beach enjoying the sun & the sea. Don't forget to slather yourself with sunscreen and don't miss any spots :P

Nicole said...

hello there, i have been a lurker for awhile--from Miss Sarah Life in the Parsonage (great girl, we live close so I know her in real life--lucky meeeee!!)

you crack me up!

have fun at the beach!!

The Wixom Zoo said...

Hmmm....interesting. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who sometimes eats only from the "Candy" isle at the grocery store and then has something super healthy like pizza for dinner. Lol!
Hope you had fun at the beach. I'm a little jealous, I have to admit.

Soliloquy said...

One of the best Bible studies I ever did was a sex one. It was like a girl's locker room!

It's what Spin still refers to as the Summer of 2000.