Monday, June 1, 2009

And I'm not talkin' about Carmen Elektra ...

If you were a Christian in the late '80s through the '90s, then you should be able to relate to this post.

I look at the youth of today, who are serving God and on fire for God, and I not only admire their fervency, but their coolness.

Yep. Coolness.

With their cool music and their cool clothes and their cool hair and their cool vernacular (which I'm sure is not a cool word to use to refer to language).

They're just cool.

When I think about my teenage-to-twenty-something years, I don't think I was that cool. In fact, I don't think any of us were cool. 

I look at the '60s and the '70s ... yeah, the youth of these eras were cool. Sheesh, even the '50s.

But, seriously ... think about the '80s and '90s ... not so cool.

And the "Christian" culture of that time even less cool. And the music had to be the worst part of it. Christian music has really gotten a lot cooler.

Think about how far we've come ... (Don't take offense ... I listened to some of these too.) ...

Stryper - Big Hit: "To Hell With the Devil"
Ray Boltz - Big Hit: "Watch the Lamb"
2nd Chapter of Acts - Big Hit: "The Easter Song" (never heard it personally, but Beau has)
Scott Wesley Brown - Big Hit: "Yeshua HaMashiach" (another one I've never heard ... Beau's a little older than me, you know)
Petra - Big Hit: "The Coloring Song"
Sandi Patti - Big Hit: Not sure ... too many. I think I actually sang every song on this album. No more "Via Dolorosa" for me.
Kim Boyce - Big Hit: "Not Too Far From Here'
I saved the best for last.

Carman - Big Hit: "The Champion"

Can you believe we liked this stuff?

Ummm ... and can you guess who the upright bass player in this Carman video is?

Look closely. Actually you might miss him. I think this video is an uploaded copy of a VHS tape. It's really bad. Come on ... guess.  Who's the bass player? (Inside scoop: Rumor has it that there were a lot of great shots of him that were going to make it into the final edit, but at the last minute they were replaced by more shots of Carman. Go figure.)


Pastora Debbie said...

Ha! Love this post!
I remember purchasing albums by David Meece, Mylon LeFevre,Petra...
Proof of coolness is longevity. Many of these people are no longer making albums. I think the coolness started with DCTalk and their integrity..yes integrity of making cool music without losing the message and crossing over, in the words of Toby Mac, "By bringing the cross over"
love your blog

RachelQ said...

see.. that's the problem, most kids in the 80's had no idea about all the cool music that was out there for Christians.. Jerusalem, 77's, Vector, Undercover.. the cool music was out there... but the Jimmy Swaggarts of the day made sure we didn't hear it!!

Darla said...

just recently we had a chance to meet the guys from stryper at Gospel Music Week- the lead singer and the guitar player, nice nice guys. they are coming out with a new album actually this year! haha. so guess what? you get to hear them again. i'm sure the new stuff will be much cooler!!! i'm with you, christian music has gotten much cooler and i am so glad!

Anonymous said...

I watched the video.
It wasn't Beau, was it?

sara said...

okay, so I am watching the video and expecting Beau to pop in any second!!! who was it?

H-Mama said...

Where, oh WHERE was the flat iron when we needed it?! I never could sing to Sandi Patti, but I loved jammin' to Kim Boyce with my friends. We (thought we) were cool. I met her in Branson over 4 yrs ago.

"Rachel" said...

Hey, you didn't have to throw the 90's in there too.

At least we had DC Talk and Audio Adrenaline to overrule Michael W. Smith. :)

Lois Lane II said...

Oh, you are SO right about how far Christian music has come -- thank goodness, lol!!

Jeff Ables said...

Belle! How could you forget DeGarmo & Key and their hit (banned by MTV mind you) Six, Six, Six?!?

Patrice said...

yeah, we were lacking in the cool department! BTW, who's in the video???

Tammy said...

I am gonna have to guess Beau on the Bass.

And wow, what a flood of memories you just brought up! I remember trying to TAPE songs off the radio onto my tape recorder! *heavy sigh*

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh my word, now all of these songs are racing through my mind. Sandi Patti, all of her stuff - I thought she was AWESOME. I also loved Watch the Lamb and was so proud of myself for memorizing every word of the bajillion verses. Funny stuff!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Dude...I still love Carman.