Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Night a Stupid Reality Show Made Me Cry

I obviously had deeper feelings toward Danny Gokey than I thought.

Of course, all these boys can sing. Really sing.

But, if any one of them should have stayed, it should have been Danny.

I'd be OK with either one of the other ones going, especially eye-liner boy (even though he does have some incredible pipes on him).

I fast-forwarded through all the talking, commercials, hometown visits, African children's choir, and Katy Perry. Just get to the results already.

My jaw literally dropped when Ryan announced he was going home.

Seeing his good-bye video made me cry.

And, then my stupid DVR shut off just as he was starting to sing the last song, so I have no idea if the judges said anything to him or not.

If you don't watch American Idol, Sarah, here's just a taste of his massive amount of talent.

Danny, I will miss you. And I will buy your record. (Record? Who buys records? Showing your age, Mama Belle.)


Joan said...

I had a house full of misery last night. Me and the girls were so sad. I will buy his CD's. Would like to see him do something with Mandisa. That would be cool. He will be alright.


TCKK said...

I don't watch Idol, but I must say from th video he is very good.

"Rachel" said...

I wish Glambert had gone home instead of Gokey, but YAY FOR KRIS!!!! :)

Amy Bennett said...

I just posted on this. I was so sad!

The Wixom Zoo said...

Yeah, I cried too. I had no idea what his back story sad.

12-arrows said...

I was so very disappointed as well. I was a fan from day one! But there is a plus side to all of this. . . .he will get a contract without all the strings from Idol. And Kris is a Christian, a worship leader too! How cool is that? I have to agree that Adam does have good pipes, on occasion, when he isn't screaming through a song, but he just doesn't fit the IDOL persona. So my vote goes to Kris for next week.

H-Mama said...

i wanted to cry, but i was too busy consoling my 7 yr old who was in tears herself. the first time she ever heard him sing, she said, "he makes me feel like i'm in church!" too funny.

Autumn said...

I, too, will buy his "record" (cause I'm old school too). I loved Danny, and I have a bit of a confession... I like eyeliner-Adam as well! Very sad night, indeed.

Lois Lane II said...

That's how I felt, thinking that David Cook was going to leave last year...Glad that didn't happen! =D

The Hat Chick said...

This is our first year to watch Idol...yeah, we're I was surprised to see Danny go to. There is some amazing talent on that stage. Glad I'm not the one kicking anybody off.

Lisa said...

SHOCKED! I was totally shocked! How could they send Danny home?

I have no doubt that God has great things in store for him.

Blessings - Lisa

sara said...

i'm with Rachel...yea for Kris!! But I really wanted Adam to go home. I have loved Danny from the first. However, I think this will be better for him in the long run and maybe he can sign a contract with someone other than idol!!! I will buy his record too!

Tammy said...

Totally bummed! Like totally.

Which means I will be voting like a mad woman for Kris next week!

And I will buy Danny's tape when it comes out too! ;-)

Debra said...

I'm with ya Mama Belle! I had tears too for my man Danny. I've stayed loyal to him, since the first show and was sad to see him go home. Boo hoo! :o(

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I DVR'd it :) I never even knew who Kris was the entire time! But I did download that Heartless song he sang...totally rocked it.

I'm with ya, I thought Gokey shoulda stayed BUT he's gonna have a huge career regardless :)

Katie said...

Hey! I just stopped in on your blog from Mommy Perrott's blog :)

I totally agree with you....I was so sad to see Danny go, but I've gotta was allll Paula's fault, she picked a dumb song.

And I have to say.....Adam is just plain good--not my style, but he can really sing, and while it sounds like screaming....I don't think that's possible, do you? His voice would never last if he wasn't actually singing correctly. Not that it's pleasing to the ears...hah!
Long comment...sorry! :)
ps.. love your blog!

fransmomma said...

i heart danny gokey. i have a crush on his voice. i seriously contemplated wearing black on thursday after he got the boot wednesday night.
the silver lining i think is that he wont be held to recording the kind of records american idol wants him to record. he can do his own thing and record the kind of stuff (hopefully christian--that would be awesome!!) that he wants to record.
he'll do just fine, and now i'm voting for kris strictly because i dont want adam to win.