Friday, April 10, 2009

Well Said

A friend of mine introduced me to this video of Mark Driscoll yesterday and it is so worthy of sharing with anyone.

The video is directed toward men, and we, as women, can become extremely self-righteous while watching it, saying our "amen"s and nodding our heads. But, it's more than that.

I hope it doesn't allow for that type of attitude in you. Although, I am moved and agree with everything he said related to men. I took more from it than that. Look at it related to You.

This actually challenged me and made me question where I am with God and how I treat Him.

What he says about communion is so powerful. It made me think about how I take communion for granted and sometimes have a lax attitude about it when I should be treasuring each time I get to partake in such a sacrament. Shame on me.


Daiquiri said...

wow - powerful stuff

Beeeeeeee said...

This makes me so thankful for my own Godly husband.

And your thoughts about communion - you are so right - very convicting.

RachelQ said...

WOW!! I think this is awesome. I think we can also look at how we treat other people, and how some of us treat our husbands... wow....

I remember we once had a guest speaker who made the same point about communion and it has never left my mind..

thanks for sharing

Tami said...

How did your white pants turn out? I'm sure they looked great!