Monday, March 9, 2009


Anything I write will pale in comparison to Friday's post.

I'm not that clever or witty.

So, what better way to follow up the eyebrow thing than with random bullet points? Yay for bullet points! They're perfect for when you don't have more than one sentence, or phrase, for that matter, about one particular topic or event in your life.

* I am overjoyed over the fact that I have a young girl coming every other week to do some cleaning. She's raising money and I wanted to be a help, not to mention I'm getting a heck of a lot in return. I feel rich and guilty at the same time, like I'm one of those ladies who plays tennis and does lunch with friends every day. She will dust, sweep & mop, and clean the bathrooms. I will continue to do my everyday laundry, kitchen duty, and clean-up. Beau has made me a very happy woman with this.

* Allergy season is upon us. I'm hurtin'. The breathing is a problem right now.

* In relation to the previous bullet, I have discovered that I do not like the Kleenex with the lotion in it. Why wouldn't you want a dry tissue to blow your snot in? The lotiony tissues just smear the snot all over your face. Not something I like. I want dry, clean tissues. 

* Daylight Savings Time has totally screwed me up.

* What is it about Sam's Warehouse Club that makes me giddy? I'm not sure. But, do I really need 120 granola bars? I'm looking forward to my trip today. Oh, how I long for samples.

* Beau and I are considering getting rid of our house phone and only having our cell phones. What do you think about that? Everyone calls our cell phones anyway. Do we really need a house phone?

* I have discovered Edy's Slow-Churned Thin Mint Ice Cream. La Petite Belle and I love it. This is how I found the container yesterday. This girl doesn't play. She literally licked the container clean.


fransmomma said...

now thats my kinds woman! cutting the container up so she can lick it clean? hilarious!! i loathe allergy season. its not bad here...yet. i say another 2 weeks and i'll be a snot factory.
we got rid of our home phone about 2 months ago. we didnt even keep it turned on. we just had it if our babysitter needed it, but all our sitters have cell phones. hasnt been a problem at all. i say go for it. have fun at sams!!

RachelQ said...

Oh my goodness!! That is one crzy ice cream girl. We have considered getting rid of the house phone too.. somehow we just cannot seem to pull the plug.
Get the kleenex with the vicks.. that stuff is heavenly and no I am not addicted to vicks.. I do not have a problem...BUT that stuff is heavenly!!!

Rachel said...

That is hilarious.

I'm ashamed to say I'd probably do the same thing, only I don't have the excuse of being a child. :)

Sara@i.Sass said...

Umm I don't even know what to say to that ice cream container other then...
I'm SO sorry.
That is a vicious crime scene that is.

Dena said...

I can empathize with you regarding allergy season. I don't like the lotion tissues either, but that's because I will forget to grab a non-lotion tisue when I want to clean my glasses. Now THAT makes a mess!

We just recently got rid of our house phone. I thought it'd be a problem, but I love it. No more telemarketers. Woot!

12-arrows said...

we only use our cell phones now but the downside of only have them and not a house phone is when both you and your husband are gone and there is no phone left at home. We have older boys who have cell phones so that isn't too much of an issue here, but every now and then it can be so I usually leave mine with them. It does work out better and we don't have one extra bill to pay at the end of the month.

Daiquiri said...

I'm with you on the kleenex thing. I'd rather have a sore nose than a zitty nose - those things are killer for me. Hate 'em!

BTW - totally jealous about the cleaning thing! Good for you :)

Just got back from our warehouse store yesterday. Eggs anyone? I have about 6 dozen!

Deven said...

We've been without a home phone for a couple of years and have never looked back. One less bill!

The Hat Chick said...

That must be some GOOD ice cream!

We still have the house phone. I keep it for 9-1-1.

I have a girl who comes every week to clean just my bathrooms. It is heavenly, 'cause the chemicals are hard on my breathing too. Pass the inhaler!

Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

Oh Dear - hope the ice cream was yummy!

Darla said...

that was some serious 'wanting more ice cream' evidence...i can relate, but maybe more with mac n cheese. :D

Aspiemom said...

: I'm with you on the allergy thing. Itchy, itchy, itchy, asthma attacks, headache, did I mention itchy?

: I'm with you on the tissues, too!

: I'd LIKE to be with La Petite Belle when she eats ice cream, but I probably wouldn't get any!

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

We have been a cell phone only house for about 4 years now. We only find it annoying when we can't find the phone because it is not attached anywhere. :) The only other time it is a bother is when we have babysitters w/o a cell. But my husband has a cell for work and one for home so we leave his home cell with the babysitter & he uses his work one for the night. I can not think of any other drawbacks that we have had. I say go for it! We have saved alot of $.

I love Sams too.

Day light savings is doing a number on me as well!

Have an awesome day!

Tammy said...

I am a fan of the Kleenex tissues with the germ killer embedded in them. It might be a scam but I am in for life....the lotion idea is TOO freaky for me!

I think I am related to the ice-cream kid. ;-)

TCKK said...

Smart kid! I never thought to cut the container up to get it all. I'll have to try that next time!!! lol

thedomesticfringe said...

A cleaning lady - I envy you...seriously. But hey, you gotta help a girl raise some money for a good cause, don't you? It's your moral obligation. Lucky you!!!

We've considered canning our home phone too. I mean, what's the point anymore?

That's the cleanest ice-cream carton I've ever seen.


Marian said...

Hi, I stumbled across your blog and I love this post...not a big fan of the tissue with lotion in it either. THAT'S the way to eat ice cream! Look forward to reading more. Stop by anytime for a visit.

Jeanette said...

We got rid of the home phone years ago - switched the home number to the cell phone. Works out great but you have to make sure the kids have a way to get you if they are home alone. Our girls both have cell phones so it isn't an issue for us. The one downer - if I am not at home and everyone else is - I can't get them to answer their phones!! Makes me crazy (or crazier).

My DH eats his ice cream that way too!!!

The Wixom Zoo said...

hahahahaha!!! My daughter has done that SAME THING before! I think those girl scouts put an addictive chemical in their cookies... (and ice cream)

rebel said...

You lucky lady! I just posted tonight about wantin' a maid.
How funny about the ice cream container.

rebel said...

You lucky lady! I just posted tonight about wantin' a maid.
How funny about the ice cream container.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

She literally CUT IT UP to lick it? Oh, I love this girl. Seriously.

When I was about 8, my first job was cleaning houses for two ladies in our church. They got a stinkin' good deal at $1/hr., because my sister and I knew how to clean really well early on. Beau rocks for letting you do this!

Debra said...

Give that girl some credit for her intuitiveness!

As for the phone, we got rid of our land line about 4 years ago and have never regretted it. We each have a cell phone, so no one is ever left home alone without one, in case of emergency or something. And when my daughter's phone broke, I merely gave her my phone, until her new one came in the mail. It has actually saved us money, not having to pay a land line bill.

Mama2hre said...

Oh I agree! Daylight savings time ALWAYS screws me up! We have been a cell phone only home for 3 years now and have yet to miss our house phone. Go for it! :)