Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm not competitive at all (cough).

I issued a challenge to our associate pastor, mainly because I just needed him to cook something for a meeting. 

This associate pastor is a self=proclaimed gourmet chef and quite happy with his prepared dishes. I've only tasted a few, so I wouldn't know the extent of his "greatness." The things I have tasted were pretty good ... until today ... The Cinnamon Roll Bake-Off of 2009. (What is my deal with challenges lately? Remember this.)

Just to prove I did bake these pieces of deliciousness from scratch. I took a few pics.

This was my counter this morning.
The 13th cinnamon roll that didn't fit in the baking pan (consumed by me & the family). That extra roll was just the leftover dough that made a quite tasty sweet potato biscuit.
The rolls hot from the oven
Mine versus his. Mine contained pecans, his ... raisins (which I dislike). Granted his presentation does look better, but the proof of greatness is in pudding (or should I say roll). He proclaims I cheated because mine was a sticky bun, not a plain ol' cinnamon roll. Sounds like something someone would say that wanted his roll to win by default and not taste.
Let's just say ... um ... mine were better (according to everyone, except the non-nut-lover).
Just look at these signs of satisfaction.

If you look closely, mine are almost gone ... his, not so much.
Thanks for participating in the challenge, Pastor David. Sorry for your loss.

I'll post the recipe this weekend for these award-winning sweet potato cinnamon rolls.


Tami said...

The only reason his look better is because of the Pampered Chef stone. My husband would've loved this challenge. The eating not the tasting.

Sara@i.Sass said...

Sweet potatoe cinnamon nut rolls?
Oh yeah PLEASE post that!!

sara said...

hmmmmmmm....seems stretching the rules (aka adding music...making a sticky bun instead of a cinnamon roll)is happenin' a lot around your blog......I'm not bitter.....I'm just sayin'!!

You could make up for it by sending some of those sticky buns, I mean cinnamon rolls my way!!! :)

66 Books 52 Weeks said...

I'm glad Sara understands the difference between a sticky bun and a cinnamon roll and the difference between playing by the rules and cheating. I know mine were better but this is your blog so I'll let you have your glory. I'm not only a great cook I'm also extremely humble.

Rach@In His Hands said...

I am starving right now......and this post has me drooling!!!!! SO YUM! Way to go, girl.

I wish you "lived right down the street" from me, too. Thanks. :-)

Patrice said...

YUM-O!! I so need that recipe, I really do not need the extra pound-age, but need to sink my teeth into those!!

Rachel said...

I think I gained weight just looking at these pics. :)

Lois Lane II said...

Are you really posting the recipe, cause I'm wanting it!!! I don't even like cinnamon rolls, and yours looked sooo good (I'm not an icing person, really).

RachelQ said...

I am sure yours were much better.. and not just because I like you better than said associate pastor who thinks wearing a chefs coat makes him a chef

TCKK said...

Both look good to me. Maybe you should let me taste them and let you know. lol

Aspiemom said...

It is very sad that I don't live near you all because I would beat you both HANDS DOWN. Absolutely! Beau would be doing a little dance!

But I'm sure yours are PASSABLE! lol (I agree about the raisins. They should NOT in a cinnamon roll recipe!)

Tammy said...

I like you SO much more....pecans, NOT raisins.....bleck.

Suzanne said...

you crack me up, woman! (and yes...i think i could eat the entire pan of your sticky buns!!! wait...that doesn't sound right-- you know what i mean!) lol