Monday, March 23, 2009

How I Wanted to Trip a 6-Year-Old & I'm Not as Competitive as I Thought

Let me take you back in time ... to Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m.

The alarm rings. I do not want to get up. (You see I had registered to run on a team for the Susan B. Komen 5K Race.)

I drag myself out of the bed. My stomach is aching and I'm tired from staying up until 1:00 a.m. the night before watching a movie with Beau (who's still sleeping like a baby, by the way). (I mean, I was seriously hurtin', ya'll.) I sit on the bathroom floor holding my stomach.

My thoughts are this: "You've already paid your money to the association to support breast cancer research. No one is going to care if you show up for the race or not. Parking is going to be an extreme problem when you get there anyway. Your stomach is hurting. Your throat is hurting and you have to sing tonight. You'd better get back in that bed, missy, and go back to sleep."

Then this thought: "Get your fat, lazy butt up. Get dressed and get to that race. You will regret it if you don't."

My actions followed the latter thoughts. I sluggishly put on my running shorts and my over-sized team t-shirt, that I'm putting on for the first time and realizing it is almost as long as my shorts. Nice.

I get my trusty running shoes on and put my hair in a lovely ponytail and as little make-up required to make me non-scary to others. I head out the door, leaving my sleepy little family behind.

As I'm driving downtown, my phone rings. It's my friend, Carlie, who recruited me onto this team. She says that the entire team has decided not to run or walk the 5K, but is going to do the 1K. Great. I've been busting my butt for the last couple of weeks just to not die running this race and now I'll be running it alone. She asks if I want to just do the 1K with them. Absolutely not. I'm about to turn around and go back home or just head over to my 5K running small group that meets on Saturday morning that I'm missing for this. I tell her that I will head downtown and if I can't find a parking place right away, I'm not going to stay.

When I get downtown, I immediately find a parking space. Confirmation. Stay & run this race by yourself.

So, I did.

I went to the front of the line with all the "serious runners." I'm standing right next to some women who are extremely proud of their bodies (granted, their bodies looked good, but come on, leave something to the imagination) ... tiny shorts, even tinier sports bras (with over-sized boobs that I feared would hurt them during the race), belly rings, fake tans, perfect hair & make-up, and back tattoos. And here I am in my over-sized t-shirt and shorts. Joy.

The race begins. 
I start my iPod and run. I run too fast. People are crowding me. I'm passing some people up and a lot of people are passing me. I'm just trying not to trip over someone at first.

Then, the crowd starts to thin out. I have enough room. I run. I think I'm still running too fast and I'm telling myself to slow down.

I grab some water and feel like I'm a real runner. I drink it, spilling it all over me and throw the cup down on the ground, like a real runner would do.

I feel like everyone is passing me up and I'm not passing anyone up anymore.

And, I mean EVERYONE ... moms with strollers, grandpas, and the kicker ... some kids, about 6 or 7 years old. I seriously wanted to put my foot out and trip them. Seriously.

OK, just keep your focus. Just make it to the end.

"Sweet Child 'O Mine" comes on. I get a little burst of energy because I can see I'm getting closer to the end. I run faster. I get to the finish line. I hit a dead stop. Total bottleneck.

Here's the part where I find out that I'm not as competitive as I thought. I stand there in line. Everyone stands there in line, waiting for their tags to be pulled to clock their time. Here's the problem: I've already been waiting about 5 minutes. How am I going to have an accurate running time? The announcer says, "If you're not a competitive person, and don't care about your time, just step out of line." I step out. I clocked my own time, thank you very much ... 30 minutes, 30 seconds ... my fastest running time ever.
I have another interesting observation I'll share with you tomorrow because this post is way too long.


BaronessBlack said...

Go Mama Belle! The only person we ever really compete with is ourselves.
I hope you're feeling proud of yourself!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Way to go, girl!!!!

I would've stepped out of the line, too.

Aspiemom said...

You should feel very proud of yourself! Good job!

Rachel said...

Good job, MB! You guys are making me so jealous talking about all this running. I told Jodie she needs to come train me. :)

Windy said...

Congrats! Very proud of the way you pushed yourself even after everyone let you down! And for not tripping any little kids, too:)

Brandi said...

Way to go!!! I'm SO not competitive when running. . I just feel like at this point finishing is still a really big deal for me!

PS I took my new haircut pictures on my mac photobooth app after seeing all your cute pics that you take using that!

Kim said...

Wow!!!! Good for you!!!! 30 minutes, I am hoping for 45 minutes. Can you share your training with us...
As usual you had me laughing at your play by play of the event.....:)

Lois Lane II said...

HAHA, awesome! I think you and Brooke are going to be inspiration for me to run a a few months, maybe? lol

Gill said...

WOW congrats on doing the race :)..Stepped out of line? I wouldn't have made it to the line!!

The Hat Chick said...

Congratulations! I would have driven downtown and ducked into the nearest Starbucks. You are awesome for sticking to your plan.

Tammy said...

Congrats...I'm almost positive I wouldn't have made it out of my house.

Megan Gaspard said...

hahah. Mrs. Daphne. You are a trip!!! mayn. that's hilarious. i would have tripped that 6 year old.
love you. i look up to you for that.

<3 Megan

Jeanette said...

Good job girl!

The farthest I have run lately is 1 3/4 miles. It takes me about 30 minutes :} I know - I'm slow!

Those gals with the big "girls" and the small sports bra will pay in the end! I had to get a super industrial bra to keep the "girls" from getting out of control. Who wants to explain how you got two black eyes from running?!

Anxiously awaiting the rest of the story!

Dena said...

Congratulations. You should be very proud of yourself. Not only for finishing the race, but for getting up off the bathroom floor in the first place! Way to go!!

TCKK said...

Congrats! You're a braver soul than I. I would've gone back to bed! lol

Debra said...

Way to go girl! I'm so impressed with your determination! I hope your stomach and throat are better and I hope you were able to sing. Oh, and I'm so proud of you for not tripping those poor little kids. hee hee

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Wow - you are my hero - way to go, girl. And nice job showing some restraint on tripping the six year old. :)

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

GOOD JOB! I was so impressed by your choice to not crawl back in I SO would've if I wasn't feeling well. You are awesome!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

So proud to know you! I ran a 5k in this once.

thedomesticfringe said...

Great job!!!!

Good for you for doing the 5K.