Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sugar-Free Candy = Sickness

We had a little family night last night. 

We took the girls for boiled crawfish. The season's just starting up again. No corn or potatoes for Beau and me. They were decent.

The unanimous movie of choice was "Mall Cop."
We are a Kevin-James-lovin'-family.

The movie was OK. There were definitely some funny parts, but it was probably one we could have waited to see on DVD. Although, La Petite Belle cracked up the entire time and when we got back into the truck, she said it was the best movie she had ever seen. To which I replied, the motherly, "No it isn't." So for her "Mall Cop" is trumping "Prince Caspian" right now. Whatever.

Anyway, back to my point ... Do you know how difficult it is to go to the movies and not have popcorn and candy? It's part of what you do when you go to the movie, right? It's the whole experience.

Beau and I knew we couldn't have either, due to the stupid South Beach Phase 1 (which is over tomorrow ... Yay! Bring on the limited amount of fruit, yogurt, and whole grains) ... unless we stop by CVS and pick up some of that Russell Stover sugar-free candy (still kind of cheating, but not as bad). You know what I'm talking about. I had never tried them before.

They had sugar-free chocolate caramels, chocolate peanuts, turtles, and even gummy bears. I thought "JACKPOT"!

We settled into our movie seats and we each ate our two "treats." Halfway through, they really weren't tasting that great, but I continued to eat them. Why? I don't know.

By the end of movie, my tummy was in knots. By the time we got home, Beau's tummy was in knots. I'm talking full-on pain here, people.

I will spare you the gory details, but let's just say, we spent the rest of the night in separate bathrooms. Hurtin', hurtin', hurtin'.

I feel somewhat better this morning and got back to my South Beach breakfast food. Tomorrow is the end of the strictest phase of the diet. So far, Beau's lost 15 lbs. ... maybe more by the time we may Monday. I've lost 3 lbs. ... and I hope it's more by Monday. Beau sweet-talks me about why I haven't lost more ... like you don't really need to lose any weight ... you're already a laser beam of hotness ... Blah, Blah, Blah. TEN pounds, people. I'd be happy losing 10 pounds. I've wanted to lose 10 pounds for the past two years. Forget 15 ... just give me 10.

In summary, skip "Mall Cop," unless you just have time to kill and buy full-sugar chocolate.

I do have some pics that I will post tomorrow of our evening.

** On another note ... in reference to my previous post about the mandrakes ... I did a little research on the plant. And guess what? The mandrake plant was believed to have had special "powers". You would eat this plant and it made you more fertile. Hence, Rachel's obsession with it. Kinda puts a whole new spin on things ... or not really. Just thought I'd pass that tidbit on to you all. But, I do agree with Chel ... grow your own mandrakes. **


Rach@In His Hands said...

I've done that Phase One of SB before and it is Torture!!! Ugh...I swear I was dreaming of bread, bagels, and granola bars. Good for you for sticking with it, girl!
We're big Kevin James fans too...King of Queens is plain hilarious.

Andrea said...

Between your experience and another gals' simliar one, I'm ALMOST tempted to give up that stuff. It's obviously bad for us. Notice I said almost!

Good for you, though. I don't know that I'd have enough discipline to stick it out for two weeks!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

La Petite Belle cracks me up...I'll have to check out this movie on her recommendation alone.

So thanks to you - I just ordered the South Beach book. I may hate you in a a couple of weeks, but you are doing so great, you laser beam of hotness, you.

Aspiemom said...

Yeah, 3 pounds! Are you noticing a difference in how any of your clothing fits yet?

I think it's great that you two are doing it together. That can make all of the difference!

Thanks for the review on the movie.

RachelQ said...

Well, I bet your never eat that much SF candy again!!! I use to eat it, but not a lot..blah...

atara said...

Not to get all preachy and uppity, but those artificials sweeteners are bad for us. Check out Suzanne Somers book called Breakthrough.
Hey..I saw Crossroads in The Times.

thedomesticfringe said...

Have you ever read the book The Red Tent by Anitta Diamont? She's not a Christian fact, I believe she's Jewish. Anyway, it's the story of Rachel, leah, etc. Doesn't follow the Bible very closely, but is a very interesting take on the Biblical story. I read it once for a book group and we actually checked all the details against the was fun.

Sorry about your sickness. I can't go to the movies without eating popcorn. In fact, I'd go just for the popcorn.

Tami said...

That sugar free stuff will really mess your stomach up bad. I want to see Mall Cop and I sooooo miss crawfish. I used to crave it when we first moved back to SC.

rebel said...

I was on Atkins one time and like you discovered Russel Stovers sugar free chocolates. I looked up the ingredients and found out that what they use to sweeten it can give gas and diarrhea. Bad news. It probably wouldn't bother you if just 1 or 2 pieces eaten at a time. But I'm the type (especially watchin' a movie) that would eat the whole box!
Congratulations on your weight loss. Even if you have only lost 3 pounds that means ONLY 7 more to go. You're almost half way there!

Tammy said...

I once picked up a tin of those sugar free fruit flavored candy mints at the checkout. Started eating them and finally put two and two together...I've sworn off the sugar free candy.

You go girl...and it is SO unfair how men can just *poof* lose weight.

Lily said...

It's medically proven that men lose weight faster than women. Just one of those unfairnesses in life-- like childbirth, high heels and moon cycles. They have more muscle mass and that burns calories faster. Spouse just has to think about it, and he loses weight, while I struggle for every half-pound.

I know it's frustrating, but hey-- at least your spouse tells you you are the laser beam of hotness. LOL

Sorry for your tummy troubles.

Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

Thanks for the heads up on the movie. I am sorry about the tummy problems - hopefully you will feel better soon.

Mandrakes sound pretty interesting. You know - we went through infertility - your probably know that - anyway I would have probably tried for the mandrakes - however not giving up rights to my hubs though or sharing him - I would have given up something else just for those "powers!" A couple with infertility does weird stuff you know - i.e. anything suggested almost!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I think I had rather do without than have that stuff. Sounds like you are doing good on your diets ;) Keep up the good work.

12-arrows said...

its definitely the molotal (sp) in the candy that gives you severe cramping and diahrreah. Its terrible. A friend told me about it when I had eaten some so I know I can't have that either. Poor things, its terrible. You think you are doing something right only tofind out its so wrong for your systems. Takes a good while to work itself out.

jennifer said...

Oh shoot. I have had the 'dumping syndrome' from sugar free stuff. It is the pits!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

There's a famous poem which now escapes me that has the line, "Get thee with child, a mandrake root." My mind is a steel trap.