Friday, January 30, 2009

Put on a Happy Face

You ever have those days where you're just kinda sad all day.

You don't feel good about yourself.

You don't like what you see in the mirror.

You feel like the inside of you is disgusting and your heart is filthy.

You don't know why. But it's there.

Could it be the fact that you stepped on the scale this morning and hadn't lost a single pound after another week of running and starving?

Could it be the fact that your fat-roll over your jeans could not even be hidden by a big sweater?

Could it be the fact that your concealer just doesn't work like it used to anymore?

Could it be the fact that you were reminded of hurtful things from your past?

Could it be that you felt like you didn't even have one friend who truly understands you or could even accept you if they really knew you?

Could it be that fact that you felt alone?

Could it be the fact that you checked your blog and realized you lost a follower? Did you offend someone with your wit? How do you LOSE a follower? Perfect ending to a cruddy day.

Or could it just be that you're hormonal this week?

You just want someone to fix you and make you feel the way you're supposed to feel.

You plaster on a smile and go about the rest of your day and hope that tomorrow will be better.

Because in the words of Scarlett O'Hara ... "after all tomorrow is another day."


BaronessBlack said...

Sorry you're having a bad day.
To everything there is a season.
This, too, will pass!

Lisa said...

Put on some Praise Music, turn it up loud and see if doesn't help to get you out of your funk. It always works for me. :-)
Blessings - Lisa

Carlie Faulk said...

We're you reading my mind yesterday?

thedomesticfringe said...

I think the hormones should take the credit.

Hope your day perks up!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

MB - Yes, those days follow me around on a fairly regular basis. I think you will get a bazillion comments saying the same thing. "We get it, we've been there".
Those days are not very fun, but I know it will get better.
For what it is worth, I continue to think you are absolutely fab.u.lous! :)
Don't let the enemy speak lies in the face of one who was created to make an incredible impact on the world.

Rach@In His Hands said...

Sorry to hear about your sad day. That stinks. We have all days like that once in a while.
Today is a new day, my friend. Chin up. Smile. We all love you and so does He. :-)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I can relate to almost every point here, if not all. You are able to succinctly tell us what's going on with you without sounding whiny, which is pretty tough to do. And then we can go "check. me, too. check, me too." So we're all pulling for you, when you have a low-down day. But I "know" you, and I know you'll be OK. Because you are Mama Belle, the First Lady of the Bayou Belles and their Beau.

The Hat Chick said...

Those days are the worst. I always put on my makeup and go shopping when I feel that way. I don't shop for clothes - only shoes and hats and bags.

Tracie said... wasn't me!

I thought maybe I was the one who "stopped following" accidentally...b/c of my new bloggy lay-out.

But I checked...and I'M STILL THERE!!!!!


Hope you can smile...and live in His joy today!!!

Lois Lane II said...

Ha! I just lost a follower, AND I gained a pound this week. I totally understand. ;)

RachelQ said...

Sorry to hear about your cruddy day... Just remember it is Friday, this weekend is a good time to rest and then refresh yourself in the Lord!!

{Jodie} said...

I hate those days.

I lost a follower too, and I hate how it makes me question myself... that it feels like a statement about me.

The fact it, life sucks sometimes. And yes, tomorrow will probably be better. At least it doesn't suck ALL THE TIME. :)

I love ya. And trust me when I say this, if I knew you better, I'd probably just love you more.

Tammy said...

Passing some Milk Duds your way. Because nothing says happiness more than chocolate covered caramel. :-)

Hope you have a happier weekend.

Kristy said...

I for one think you are fabulous and I will be praying that today passes quickly. You are not alone with the feelings you are having, but knowing that and feeling that are very different things.

sara said... of my big questions...why do we have them when they cause so much trouble!!

Praying for you today, MB!! I agree with Wendi and am praying that you do not allow satan's lies take you down. You are a daughter of God and SPECIAL to Him!!

hugs to you today!


Mike, Brie and The Three said...

I am with all the other ladies. We all have those days, the hormones are what has put it all over the top, you cannot please everyone and that follower, you don't know what is going on in her life and it may not be you at all. Say a prayer for her and ask God to remind you of the many blessing you have and how you make a difference in the days of at least 76 other women. I live to read your blog and I smile inside and out when I see you have a new post.

Sara@i.Sass said...

Argh! I just don't like hearing about these days. I don't mean that like, "Why are YOU complaining..." I mean, we as woman have "moods" and we don't have much control about it. We ALL have these days, so why in the world can't someone, somewhere come up with something to relieve us from this YUCK!?!?
I seriously think I am peri-menopausal. I am happy in my life, but my goodness do I get in these funks; that last days sometimes weeks!Or it feels like they never went away. I KNOW I'm not depressed in that it's not my HEAD or HEART that need the pep it's my stinkin' body that is letting me down. Headache, cramps when there shouldn't be, tired and still can't sleep, irritable when frankly who CARES if the milk was spilt, it's milk on a washable floor. But it sends me into frustration.
I am so sorry you are feeling yucky. But aren't you tired of hearing "It'll get better...this too shall pass?" ARGH.
Where is the fairy Godmother when we need her and that magic wand?
Sending you lots of love!!!

The Wixom Zoo said...

Ugh! I'm totally with Sara@i.sass! It sucks to have yucky days like this...sorry. I think a good remedy would have to be to take a hot, long bubble bath with soft music playing and with the door LOCKED! Then sleep in until noon tomorrow... that sounds like heaven to me!
Have a better day, Mama.

Rachel said...

Sounds like we're hormonal at the exact same time.

Praying for you!

Hey, Tracie suggested us getting together to see Shopaholic, though I kinda want to see He's Just Not That Into You, too (I know my hubby would never go to either). Would you be up for meeting in BR one day for a girl's day?

Lois said...

I am still new at this blogging and commenting but I just checked and I have not been lost in the count. I very much enjoy reading your blog even when I don't comment.
Love, Lois

RR Mama said...

I hate that you are having a bad day! We all feel like at some point you are not alone. Hang in there sister! Tomorrow IS another day and it will be better, promise.

Brandi said...

Look at it this way. . .if most people posted that they were having a sucky day. . they wouldn't get 20 comments!

Guess what? What I like about you. . isn't you. . it's Jesus in you. I like that you are teachable, vulnerable and want Jesus to change you.

PS I lost a follower recently too! In fact, she was a friend and now won't talk to me. . .never quite sure why, though it seems that it's because I like Uganda. Weird, huh?

Love and hope you have a WAY better weekend,


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Ah, Mama Belle. You hit the nail on the head - several times over - with this one. I've been sort of borderline depressed-ish for the past few days and I have no idea why. And of course I am not glad you are feeling the same way, but it sometimes does help to know that I am not the only one that feels way out in left field.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Girl, we're all still here for ya. Hang in there. We love you, Beau and the Belles love you like crazy, and most importantly of all, the Creator of EVERY.THING loves you enough to become flesh and die for you.

You ARE blessed indeed, even when you don't feel like it. It'll get better. Hang in!

jennifer said...

Bless your heart. Yes. Me too. So you aren't alone on ANY of these feelings. Prayers for you this evening. Say one for me too, OK?

Lily said...

I pout when I lose a follower. Glad to know I'm not alone.

Sorry you've had a cruddy day. Tomorrow will be better.

atara said...

I like the Scarlett quote. I also got some major comfort yesterday in the Nichole Nordeman song, "Mercies New" from her Woven and Spun album. Every day it's make all your mercies new...

Anonymous said...

sounds like you're in the process of getting lean and need a snack. this too shall pass. get those endorphins pumpin. Ignore the scale and go by the way your clothes fit. You'll feel better. just my two cents. Love ya

Sit A Spell said...

Well, I was having a pretty good day...until I read this blog and now my heart is breaking for a gal that is down. For's those nasty ole hormones...last week I had a couple of days like that.'ve gained a follower!

Gwyn Rosser said...

Hey look again -- you've gain another follower. You summed up a cruddy day just perfectly. I've been there, done that. Usually, my solution is to get alone, somewhere quiet with my Bible and spend some time with the Lord. At least that puts it all into perspective. Thanks for your honest sharing. I think we could be good friends. Love your sense of humor.