Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm finally sitting down ...

... for a minute at least. Still have department party tonight and party for 200 ladies on Friday. One day at a time ... one day at a time.

Christmas production turned out great. We had about 4000 people in attendance over all the weekend services, which is a new record for us. Not sure about how many gave their life to the Lord, but I know that hands went up all over the auditorium during the altar call. Praise God!

Here's some interesting things I learned this weekend:

1. The time to go shopping for an outfit to wear to sing in, in front of these 4000 people is not the Saturday morning of the performance, nor two weeks before the performance. When you've already bought your outfit way beforehand, and then try it on the night before, you realize it doesn't look anything like it looked in those skinny department store mirrors and it looks like a shirt your grandmother would wear, and then your family will say it is hideous. Then, when you go out the next morning to shop, not one single thing seems to fit you so you buy lots of extra shirts and coats to take home and use them to piece together some sort of suitable ensemble.

2. Don't wear high-waisted pants with no pockets with a body-pack. You'll just look like Quasimoto.

3. Don't starve yourself all day to fit in said pants because you'll just indulge in cheddar-bacon cheese fries at 9:00 pm.

4. Fake snow, inhaled when singing, makes you choke and tastes terrible.

5. When stepping out of a horse-drawn sleigh, and the horse starts to take off when you have half your body out of the sleigh and half your body in the sleigh, try desperately not to make ridiculous facial expressions. Just gracefully exit, as best you can, and laugh it off while you finish singing your verse.

6. Don't think that you're all that when it comes to make-up application because you'll soon find out that young teenage girls can do a way better job and you'll want to take them home as your personal make-up artist.

7. Musicians, singers, actors, dancers ... so temperamental. (Yeah ... I know that includes me. Just shut it.)

8. Stress does crazy things to your body.

I feel like I've been out of the blogging loop forever, although it's only been the weekend. I'll be catching up on my reading today. 

Shhh ... I started reading the book. So far, I've gotten to page three. So much to do, so little time to read about young love. I'll keep you posted. No thoughts as of yet.


Brandi said...

I am so with you! I think I ended up having to shop 10 times just to find the thing to wear on Wheel Of Fortine this weekend! Oh yeah. . . Another thing I learned is not to allow your sister to highlight your hair before going on TV or it may end up orange and grey and you may have to spend buku bucks for a professional to fix it!

Glad your production went well and I'm sure many lives were touched by your service.


K and/or K said...

#6 cracks me up because I used to work in a middle school and it is so true!!!

The secret? They get up 2 hours before they leave for school. I think!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...


This post cracked me up.

I need a picture of first outfit :)

Aspiemom said...

You sound VERY busy! It makes me tired just hearing about it - altho you did tell about it very humorously! lol

I'm looking forward to hearing your take on "the book."

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Can't wait to see what your thoughts are on "THE BOOK"!

You have been busy...don't worry about us over here, we understand and will just wait until you post and it updates on the Google Reader

Oh blessed Google reader!

Happy Holidays!

Jodie said...

Well, I have to say I was totally coveting your HOUNDSTOOTH COAT! So, if that ever makes it to the reject pile, call me. :)

Jodie said...

Also, the production was great! Really well done! See you soon, doll face!

Rachel said...

WOW - I'm so glad it's you and not me! Good luck with your other parties this week!

4000 is amazing!

The Hat Chick said...

Fantastic recap...I'm taking notes.

Thanks for talking about "the book" on your blog. It came up in conversation at lunch the other day and I was the only person who had a clue - all thanks to reading your blog!

Tammy said...

I tried to leave a comment earlier today but seems like my computer has been having seizure like activity for some crazy reason.

I bet you looked great for your concert and I hope you have a great week and par-tay with the ladies!

jennifer said...

I really think you are going to enjoy The Book. I am sure that you will be glad when the holidays are over and you can breath again.

Be blessed!

TCKK said...

4000 people. That is so awesome and I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about "the book".

Jeanette said...

Our last Christmas party is Thursday night. It seems like we have had more this year than ever. We have hosted more this year that is for sure. Girls are finishing up school this week and we are looking forward to some vacation time and fun. Get some rest this weekend my friend!


~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Woo Hoo! Click yore heels and scoot on home Girl! It is almost time to spend time with just the little fam!
It sounds like an awesome turnout.
I will be thinking of the people who raised their hands and felt the Lord's hand nudging them forward.
I tagged you for a no-brainer meme. Sounds like you could use it! I am sure you'll spice it up and make it hilarious!
Glad your weekend is over and a great success!

thedomesticfringe said...

Funny, I had a good laugh at your expense...thanks. Glad you Christmas production was such a hit. 4000 is a lot of people! I pray many solid decisions were made for the Lord.

Just A Girl said...

You are cracking me up. I still think The Book is talking about "The Shack". I guess it's been replaced. I'm still waiting for the family copy of Twilight to roll to me. Your Christmas production recap brought back the ghosts of Living Christmas Trees past. Honestly, I can't say I miss doing that. A time for everything, I suppose. You are the WO-MAN for doing that with kids in the house.