Monday, December 22, 2008

I really try not to be so honest ... really, I do.

I got this here award from Soliloquy from She Just Has to Say It and the title of her blog pretty much says it all. She's been the provider of quite a few laughs for me, but when she's serious ... ya'll, she can just poor her heart out about stuff I can totally relate to. Go over and visit her. I promise you'll get hooked.

As I said in the title, I really do try not to be so honest. Ask my friends. They'll tell you I'm like an open book. What I think is written all over my face. I'm very transparent to a fault. So, being honest for me is easy ... too easy. I must learn to be blank-faced and keep my mouth shut. I think I've been working on that for about 20 years.

Here are the rules for the Honest Scrap recipients:
♥ list 10 honest things about yourself (trying to think of things you don't already know is difficult ... not sure if these have to be deep serious things or random facts ... here goes)

1. I recognize that I, like every woman I know, struggle with self-esteem and body image and I hate that for myself and for every woman and just want to punch whoever started making us feel this way.

2. Along with #1, I am not consistent in dieting and exercising. I will go through months of extreme exercise and then quit for a couple of months and gain all my weight back. I will eat healthy all day and then have chocolate at 9:30 p.m. Ugh!

3. I really hate the fact that some of my friends can eat whatever junk they want, don't exercise a lick, and are just as skinny as can be. It's really just not fair.

4. I have a negative view of men (except for Beau) that I've tried to work through all my life, thanks to a father that abandoned me as a young child.

5. I psychoanalyze every feeling I have, as you can see from above, and realize that the events that happen to you as a child determine a lot of who you are as an adult. (Wow. That was a little too deep.)

6. Everyone thinks I am very confident and sure of myself.

7. I have trust issues. Bad. trust. issues. (that comes into play even with my relationship with the Lord, the only One I can trust)

8. I hate that I can be critical when I don't want other people being critical of me ... kind of a contradiction.

9. That's it ... that's what I am ... a contradiction.

10. I don't want to be a contradiction. I want to live what I say I believe ... just live it out, dang it! Then, all of the previous items listed wouldn't matter because I know who I am in Christ and I've got the big picture in mind, instead of my small little life of worries. 

Is that honest enough?

Here's what I have to do:

♥ pass the award onto 7 blogs that you find brilliant in their content or design (I do find all of you brilliant, however, I'm going to choose 7 bloggers that I think are the most honest with stuff like this.)

If you've already done this, or don't want to, you won't hurt my feelings. Really. I'm honest, remember. But, hey, you are getting extra advertisement here. Just sayin'.

1. Annie @ Annie Blogs - Love her. She's an open book and pulls on my heartstrings a lot, along with totally cracking me up with her videos.
2. Sarah@ Life in the Parsonage - We've been blogging friends for quite some time and sometimes I think I've written her posts, because she writes about stuff I can totally relate too. How does she get inside my head? And, of course, she's a hoot. I'm sure you've visited her ... heck, she's got like a hundred and something followers. She's the Prom Queen of Blogging or at least, Miss Congeniality. Love you, Sarah!
3. Fringegirl from The Domestic Fringe - She lives where I want to live and she definitely falls into that brilliant category. We're fairly new friends, but I feel like I've known her forever. And she did wear some leg warmers for "Dare to Wear," which I applaud her for.
4. Jodie from Dark Between the Stars - I have the privilege of knowing this girl in real life. And ya'll, she's the bomb. She's as sweet as can be. You might hate her if you knew her in real life because she's just that cute and sweet. Love you, Jodie.
5. Drama Mama @ Drama Pond - She's one of those people you want to have as a friend in real life. I have no doubt about her honesty. She's made me gasp a few times.
6. Lula @ Lulaville - One word: Genius. I sit at your feet in awe of your blogging powers.
7. Straight Shooter @ Shootin' It Straight - Name pretty much says it all.

♥ link to the blogger who gave you this prize
♥ link to the blogs receiving the prize
♥ notify the recipients  ... Off to notify ... 


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I love that I can count on you to keep it real every time.

Thanks for being my friend that makes this tiny town/tiny blog girl feel famous :)

Someday we're gonna meet in person...

Lula! said...

OK, first of all you are way more genius than I could ever be.

Secondly, this has made my morning/almost afternoon...because my 3 year old has been trying my last nerve all morning long. And I'm thisclose to having a coming to Jesus talk with her. Sigh...

But thanks SO much. I feel honored and loved. And I needed that today.

atara said...

Your blog is so cool! I'm glad I found it!

thedomesticfringe said...

Thanks for the award! I've never been put in the "brilliant" category before, but I kinda like it. Keep me there for a little while, okay? At least don't tell me when you pluck me out of it and send me to the "yawn and nod" category.

Love your blog! It's a treat for me to visit each day. Good luck saving for your trip to NY next year. If you make it, we'll have to "do lunch" or something. :)

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Why Hello there Mama Belle!
Thank you for the award. I promise to shoot it as straight as an arrow...right after Christmas. I think a little Christmas hiatus is in order for the Shooter household.
So glad to see you blogging again. We missed you while you were out winning souls and doing your Christian duty! ((hugs to you for all your hard work on that front!))
Merry Christmas to you and the other Belles!

Tammy said...

I am with you on #3. My little sister has had 3 children and eats ice cream or cookies almost every night.....still a size 4.

Imagine my job when she stated her butt was getting big and pointed to it. I told her let me squeeze my butt in her jeans then she'd know what a big butt really is.

MoziEsmé said...

Wow - that is one tough award! Thanks for sharing honestly... I know there is so much I wish I could just keep hidden - I hate people seeing the insecure side of me :)

Tiff said...

Totally relating to everything you wrote....

DidiLyn said...

I'm glad you are too honest. Somehow it makes me feel better, like I don't always have to be all polite and quiet-like. :-)
I'm kinda excited to go visit all your award winners. Maybe I'll find some new ones to subscribe to. Yay!

jennifer said...

I have said #7 almost exactly like that... even with my relationship with the Lord. It isn't fun at all.

Drama Mama said...

Okay so what you are sayin is Drama Mama tells it like it is! Right?
Well, then you will appreciate my Note to Self post I did tonight-
Just keepin it real!
It's all real stuff round the POND house!

Cassandra @ Tripping Around The Sun said...

oh gosh. There is so much of that that is just like me. I can SO relate...thanks for the honesty. Even the stuff you'd like to hide...I appreciate you saying what we are all thinking anyway....

Soliloquy said...

Yay you!

I love how honest you are. Your humility inspires me.

Thanks for keeping it real!