Monday, October 20, 2008

What I Learned This Weekend

I'm utterly exhausted ... not only physically, but mentally.

You all know I was in charge of this Gulf Shores trip that included the transport and planning of activities for 70 ladies, right?

I'm convinced that God created women with a special plan in mind. I know that. But, let me just say, I wish He would have made them a lot less complex and with a lot less hormones.

Let me start by saying, I think everyone had a good time ... at least I hope they did. But, you know, when you're in charge, everyone complains and comes to you with every little idea that they think is better than the one that is on the itinerary.

Here's what I learned:
1. 70 ladies together will = drama at some point.
2. There's always a handful of ladies that like to make "suggestions" contradictory to what's already planned.
3. Don't even look like you're thinking about straying from the itinerary, no matter how mean it makes you look.
4. Keeping 45 ladies on a bus for 4 1/2 hours happy is quite an adventure and a challenge.

This picture is right after we left for our trip. Notice the smiles. I wish I would have taken one on the drive home.
5. Don't take 45 ladies on the bus ever again.
6. The person who plans the trip doesn't get to have any fun, nor relax.
7. Next time you're on a trip and want to prank some ladies' hotel rooms, be quieter so that you don't get in trouble with security.
8. Don't plan a ladies' trip at the same time you will be smack dab in the middle of PMS.
9. Crying releases stress and anxiety.
10. Ladies don't like to be told what to do.

Will I do this again? Most definitely. Because it's not about me.

I really wanted the ladies to form new relationships and strengthen old ones. That's really what this trip was about ... relationships. How can we encourage each other and be there for one another when we don't even know each other's names?

I got to know lots of ladies a whole lot better. That was the best part.

Oh, and one of my best blogging friends I have, Jodie, went too. No time for Photoshop, Jodie. You always look beautiful anyway.
After posting this, I read this from Brandi and it put everything in perspective. Thank you God, for the life you've given me.


Rachel said...

Wow, it almost sounds like you & Jodie are posting about 2 different trips! :)

Good for you for keeping the right attitude about it. And I'm sure even though there were some complainers, most of the women had a wonderful time. Heck, I wish my church would organize a ladies trip to the beach. Mmm, maybe I need to bring that up...

Rach@InHisHands said...

Ohhh yes...that many women will equal some drama!
What a blessing you are to those ladies, Mama Belle! God will bless your efforts, I'm sure! It was a challenge, but you have the right attitude.
How 'bout a trip to the Midwest, so I can go on your next trip!!??:)

Sara@ Butterville said...

I don't think I've ever been around 70 women at once. I have been in a few pageants does that count. Yeh, I like estrogen in small doses. I'm glad to see you smiling in your picture. That's a good sign right?

Windy said...

Sorry you were so stressed. Hope you did have a little fun.

quebedo said...

Looks like a typical ladies trip...LOL

Actually I am not totally new to blogging.. just blogger. I was on a different site for about 5 years but decided to move here, although Gene thinks I need my own website......I told him to get me one for Christmas.

harts4Him said...

I had an awesome time on this trip. Thank you for all your hard work, it showed!!!! BTW, thanks for the marshmallows. They were yummy!!!!


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Hey...drama is what makes our world go round! lol! What props to you that you had 70 ladies involved! :)

Jodie said...

I love you and I think you did great! I'm sorry you had to field all of those "suggestions" b/c I know that can be pull-your-hair-out and deck somebody stressful. :) You managed very well - WAY better than I would've --- I'm just sayin'. :) I love you. And don't worry, I'm okay without the Photoshop. I need to get loose from that crippling vanity anyway. :) Oh, and did I tell you I love you?

Tammy said...

What a funny list...and I'm sure 100% true!

Headed to the beach with some college girlfriends this weekend, I'll have to keep your list in mind!

Brandi said...

oh yes. . I could have told you that. . no rest whatsoever but SO worth it!!! You know what they say. . rest in heaven! I'm sure that the girls were mightily blessed by your hardwork and sacrifice!


Tante D's better half said...

Well, I had a great time and got to know the ladies on our van a lot better (I had never even laid eyes on some of them).

I learned how loud a bunch of women can be. There were only 13 of us on our van....I can't imagine how loud it must've been on the bus. And I thought the trip back would've been more quiet b/c we were so tired, but not so much! Hahahaha.

Let's do it again!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I have been on my share of those and it is crazy! :)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

This is why I much prefer being a tag-along follower as opposed to the leader. My non-confrontational personality is not cut out for stuff like this...but I know you did an awesome job, and now I hope that you can kick back and relax.

And you and Jodie both...gorgeous! Not an ounce of Photoshop needed.

sara said...

it is always hard to be the one in charge, but I'm sure you did a great job! Pranking rooms is always fun!! On one of our ladies retreats, some one got the "great" idea to go early into a room and put a fake leg sticking out from under the bed of a "drama laden" woman........ya, the whole hotel heard her scream, they were not amused, but it was sooooooo funny!!!!

Joan@More God=less me said...

Wow sounds like you need a vacation after a weekend like that.

Have a great week!

Aspiemom said...

My sister just got home from a woman's retreat, but way up north and definitely not on a beach! She always has a great time, but you'd never hear her complain.

My sister is a pastor's wife and she hears people's "suggestions" ALL OF THE TIME. Everywhere she goes.

I'm sure everyone appreciated your hard work and I bet they all had fun!

Tiff said...

Mama Belle, I think you're beautiful for being so honest and genuine.
I'm sorry that it was such a stressful time for you and that you weren't able to relax like you were hoping to, but it really says something that you'd be willing to do it all over again.

Drama Mama said...

too funny! Glad you survived all the female drama! That is the exact reason why I had to quit going on a certain girl's trip- Way Way too much drama! Too many chiefs and not enough Indians!

thedomesticfringe said...

Since we have hormones, we have drama, but you all looked like you had a great time. You do give some good advice though...never stray from the itinerary...etc. You're a brave woman to take all those ladies on a road trip. Hats off to you!