Monday, October 13, 2008

It's all about MEME and an award.

I've been tagged by Elizabeth at The Mommy ... Etc. to do this MEME. Seemed fun and you will get to know even more things about me that you didn't care about.

Anyway, here goes.

First, you are to post a family photo. It's pretty pitiful that the last real family photo we took was in 2004. Seriously, we are going to take another one this year.  We all look quite different now and we haven't lived in the house we're pictured in for about three years.
1. How many kids? 2

2. Ages? K Belle is 11 and La Petite Belle just turned 8.

3. What time does our day start? I thought I would be able to sleep later once I stopped teaching, but it didn't happen. We wake up at 6:00 am to start our day. OK, honestly I saved 15 minutes by quitting teaching. It was 5:45 am.

4. Breakfast? K Belle is content with cereal or anything else we have, except for oatmeal. La Petite Belle, on the other hand, is extremely particular, but loves oatmeal and hates cereal. What kind of child hates cereal and stuff like Toaster Strudel? Honestly, she would eat a peanut butter sandwich every morning if we let her. As for Mama Belle ... I wait until I get to work and eat some sort of breakfast bar, oatmeal, or SlimFast.

5. Do your kids watch T.V.? Uhh ... absolutely not! Why would I subject my children to such a brainless activity? Just joking ... Heck yeah, they watch TV, when they're not punished from it. Actually, K Belle hasn't watched any TV for two weeks and La Petite Belle would rather play than watch it anyway. La Petite Belle would rather watch movies than regular TV. Otherwise, it's Disney Channel with a little Spongebob and PBS Kids thrown in, only after they've done all their homework and chores. And with the activities they're in right now and with homework, they really don't have time for TV.

6. Favorite activities? Our family loves movie nights, with popcorn ... you know the whole shibang. K Belle is in her sixth year of piano and also in dance. La Petite Belle is our little soccer star and does soccer three days a week, but also does dance. I know ... it's too much, especially with church and school activities.

7. Do I get a break during the day from the girls? This MEME was obviously designed for moms with kids that aren't in school yet. Yeah ... they're at school, but I'm at work, so I don't consider that a break.

8. How do we end our day? Dinner together as a family, checking over school stuff for the next day, and prayers.

9. Best parenting advice/tips? Just know that your kids are going to make their own choices no matter what you do. Just continue to teach them the ways of the Lord and claim the Scriptures that say they will return to what you have planted in them. Remember the promises for Abraham are also for us ... "you and your household will be saved." My girls are just getting to the age where they must make their own choices and either be blessed by their choice or suffer the consequences of their choice. They are learning. But, I can't be their Holy Spirit and follow them throughout the day, telling them what is right and what is wrong. I'm working on giving that up to the Holy Spirit. My prayer lately has been ... "God, let them have their own relationship with You, not depend on mine or my husband's. Let them have their own experience with You and show Yourself in a real way to them." Both of my children are so different and their relationship with God is also revealed in such different ways. Thank you, God that You are drawing them closer to You into a real personal relationship.

If you want to do this little MEME, please consider yourself tagged.

On another note, I got this lovely award from Tiff at Making Room for Serendipity.
Isn't it cute? I wish it was a real credit card.

Anyhoo, Tiff is a sweetie and we've been blogging friends for a while. So, I'm supposed to pass it to those blogging friends that I would consider some of my BFFs. This is very difficult because I have so many. So, what I'm going to do is give it to those of you who schemed and snuck around with my hubby to put up those brilliant birthday posts for me.

Here you go, BFFs: Sarah (chief sneaky snake), Jodie, Amy, Julie, Rachel, Jackie, Wendi, Jessica (who just had a little baby girl).

Love you, girls! Hope we're BFFs for life.


Jodie said...

Aww, thank you girl!! I appreciate my lil' award!

Amazing how blogging can bring people closer huh? And yes, as long as you keep giving me cool stuff, we can be best friends forever. ;)

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Your girls look so small in that picture!

And thanks for that cute little award bff ;)

Rach and Josh said...

I totally giggled about no pic since 2004....
What an Excellent prayer for your kiddos ~ that they each grow in their faith & personal relationship with the Lord.
Thanks for your thoughts...and the laughs, too.

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Aww! That's so sweet! And what a fun meme. I'm (probbaly way too) intrigued with hearing every day details of bloggy friends lives. :)
Now back to being Betty Crocker...

Jules from "The Roost" said...

It REALLY is fun learning more & more about what your world looks like! Loved your parenting advice :)

Rachel said...

You are awesome! You just made my day!!! :)

Birdie said...

know what I REALLY wanna know??? Your credit card number, silly! No really, I want to know what do you think of The Office so far, this season.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Our kids are almost exactly the same age (well, except for the extra four year old I have!) and I have literally been praying that EXACT same prayer for them lately.

It seems like they "get it" about the Bible, but I wonder how much they really "get" about it being personal to THEM. I guess it's just hard to tell when they're that young.

Anyway, your prayer really rang my bell. :-)

Julie of blessedwith5 said...

Thank you so very much for the award!

I do consider you a BFF!!!


Julie of blessedwith5 said...


My Aunt was just given results from a biopsy last week. She has breast cancer. We are all in shock - there has never been cancer in our family, let alone breast cancer.

My Aunts Name is Darlene - she is 74. Also, her hubs is not Born Again - as far as we know. Please pray for his salvation too!

Thank you Dear Friend!

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Love your outlook...