Friday, September 5, 2008

What in the world were you looking for?

It just cracks me up. 
Some of the things that people type in to Google just crack me up.
Here's what some of my most recent visitors were searching for and found me:

Big thighs, little thong (Are you talkin' to me? I know you're not talkin' to me.)

Ladies' sewing circle florabama ladies' auxiliary quotes (Huh?)

She's gone for the day or gone for the night (Wish I could give you some advice, dude.)

What will we do if a mother koi fish bread their baby (Not kidding. And yes it was "bread," not "bred.")

Sherri can't cook (May I direct you to my cooking blogs.)

Taco Bell district manager (You all know how much I heart Taco Bell, but really, district manager is a little much.)

Tammy Wynette blogspot (Gotta be the hair that day)

Baby calf is throwing up why? (Another HUH?)

Sorry that you all didn't find what you were looking for, but hope you enjoyed the visit.


~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Oh. My. Word.
I love, love, LOVE to read all those silly, weird and hilarious searches!
Love your site.

Lynellen said...

Most of the queries people find my blog with make sense. Here's a few that I dont get, but they are very few and far between:

wendy lewis nose stud
historic things that happend from 2005 to 2008 around the world

that's it! in over a month's worth of recorded keywords!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

hands down, best list ever.

Joan said...

I've thught of posting my searches too. You've got some wild ones. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great day!

mamatutwo said...

so funny!

glad you "visited back" my blog.

graduated from carencro.

parents now live on the south side.

funny how small the world is!

Tami said...

Just thought I'd let you know the Florabama Ladies Sewing thing is the title of a book. So now you know they were looking for quotes from the book. Can't explain why your blog popped up though.

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Thanks, Tami. I would have never known that. I don't know why my blog popped up for that either. Maybe because I've mentioned Florida or Alabama ... Florabama? Who knows.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Those are totally wild! So funny. Hey, I'm linking to you Monday to your Gustav video post. Did I already tell you that? Menopause moment.

Beachy Mimi said...

That list is hilarious. I've never looked at mine. There is just no telling...

Lula! said...

You know I totally come to your blog to figure out why the baby calf is throwing up. Seriously. For real.

Let's remember this in February or March, when we get our groove thang on. :)

Rachel said...

Big thighs little thong? Yikes. I'd be scared of whoever was doing that search!

Tammy said...

I've gotten some pretty strange ones too. I need to keep a list and post it.

My most recent disturbing one was from far away-- sweden, i think--
for "free pic lillte grils"


Brandi said...

I just died reading this post. TOO FUNNY! I also have had some weird ones. . I love that you've kept a list! oh my! Wonder what they thought when the clicked over? hmmm. . .I expect more follow ups on this one as well!


jennifer said...

OH MY GOSH! big thighs little thong. That is just too much. I would have been SO offended.

I never ask "does this blog make me look fat." Never.

Birdie said...

*L* How on earth do you find out this information???