Monday, September 8, 2008

Things I'm Starting on Monday and Other Random Thoughts

Starting Monday:
1. Follow my pledge to start eating healthy (always made after eating a huge lunch after church on Sunday, especially after visiting the Chinese buffet - not my choice ... what is it with kids and Chinese buffets?)

2. Start this or this, despite my bad knee, and get Beau to go with me.

3. Read through these.
4. Make some kind of sense of how to organize my massive amount of recipes that I want to try. I need to figure out why I have so many recipes I want to try, yet continue to cook the same ol' things ... sounds like a challenge.
5. In light of #4, start trying to plan my menus. What a novel idea! I see you ladies on the web with your menu plans and your organization and I'm onto you ... OK ... so, maybe I'm just jealous. I will steal your plans and make them work for me. (evil plankton laugh - Spongebob reference for those of you without kids ... funny, I just typed in Spongeboob ... that's a whole other post) That'll show you.

6. Taking this little princess and her sister to and from all their dance classes and soccer practices. As you can see, she's ready for her first day of dance this week.

Random Thought #1 ... I have discovered this product:
I'm not even kidding. Go out and buy one right now. I truly feel happy when I put it on. Make sure you get the AmazeMINT lip gloss. It has Crest peppermint oil in the gloss and smells so good and fresh, and even kinda tingles when you put it on.

Random Thought #2: No one should ever attempt a sequel to Gone With the Wind nor cast anyone besides Vivian Leigh to play Scarlett. I am currently watching Scarlett on the ION channel. Well, I'm about to change the channel, but Val Kilmer's wife or ex-wife (who knows?) is playing Scarlett and Timothy Dalton is playing Rhett. Don't mess with perfection, people. America's Funniest Home Videos is actually more appealing right now.

Random Thought #3: Hurricane Ike. Seriously?

Random Thought #4: Why does Blogger only have that cute little Followers gadget for only select bloggers? Am I not important enough? Is my blog not good enough? Umm ... I would like to use it, but it's "experimental." Riiiiiggghhhhttt. Blogger, you are really giving me low-blogger self-esteem. I have followers too ... really, I do ... at least a few ... OK, maybe two. But, I want it anyway. I want it, I want it, I want it (said in best spoiled child voice in my mind).


Marina said...

I came form Linds blog and really enyoy my visit hear you have a lovely family and thank God you are ok.

I love the way you are tring to eat healthy I need to get more organiz too have a bless day,

Drama Mama said...

Well I don't have a cute little followers thingy either- I mean I am as popular as Pioneer Woman Right? Bet she has one-or if she is not on blogger then she has some other cute gollower thingy.

blessedwith5 said...

I am totally with you girl! I have the "eating right" urge too! Too bad our kitchen is out of service. I guess I need to keep that urge on the top of my to do list!

I had to get through a pile of magazines too - but I did it!!!

Have you thought of scanning them into your computer and organizing them there? Just an idea.

Looks like little princess LOVES dance.

I totally want one of those Followers thingies too! I tried to add it last week, but the experimental note was on it - Maybe we should form a coup!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I watched the Spongbob movie this weekend...twice.

I heart little Plankton.

In Style Magazine: One of my faves after People Style Watch.

Dumb Blogger anyways, being all "experimental"

Happy Monday!

jessica @pianomomsicle said...

i wonder what kind of search engine keywords you'll get with Spongeboob in this post:)

Good for you on trying to get organized! i keep thinking i'm going to make a menu plan, and then i keep popping pizza rolls in the oven....

i'm glad to hear abut the CG lipgloss: i saw it in Allure or In Style or one of those last month and was wondering if it's as awesome as it sounds.

Have a happy day!

Jodie said...

as regards:
#4 on your to-do list. I do the exact same thing. Binders of recipes. Binders Daphne. How many of those have I tried? Probably fewer than 10. And I just keep tearing pages out of magazines that look tasty. It's a dread disease. :)

Random Thought #3. *narrows eyes, glares and growls* Grrrrr.

Also, how ironic is it that Oprah's in your sidebar today. That picture just makes me laugh, with all the sparkly things behind her, like she's some sun goddess or something. *glaring and growling some more*

I guess I need another cup of coffee... something to calm that growl. :)

Jodie said...

OH, and ps - something totally unrelated - my name's on the waiting list for the gulf shores trip.... :) happy now? :)

Jeanette said...

I am totally with you on so many things. This said after I just went to the grocery store and have meatballs and pasta salad planned for supper. Nice fatting meal eh? I try to do a menu before going to the store each week but it doesn't always work out - thus the meatballs for supper. I can throw them in the crockpot to heat up/throw bbq sauce about 15 minutes before serving and it is done. Perfect for when I can not going to be able to eat with my family. Would love to get back into the exercise thingy too. Maybe sometime between midnight and 6am when I am just lying around doing nothing.....I'm rambling.....


RR Mama said...

Love the how the princess has her room painted! Seriously...Ike take a hike! Didn't we just go through this last weekend. I hate that any of have to pack up again. I still have so much to do from last week being short. I just might never get caught up. Oh well job security! Keep praying.

Rachel said...

Seriously. What is up with Ike?

Hope you guys fare OK if we have another evacuation called.

Lula! said...

You have convinced me to try to the CG lipgloss. I'm a make-up whore, and therefore I must have the latest & greatest product. It's a sickness with me.

And yes on the GWTW's my all-time favorite book and I refuse to read or watch the movie. Nuh-uh. No messin' with my beloved Margaret Mitchell and her original vision.

Tiff said...

Well, I have the follower thingy, but no followers.. I almost wish I'd have never put it up, it's depressing! LOL
Your magazine stack looks like mine, if you multiplied it times a zillion. Why do I feel the need to keep subscribing? Something about hanging out on the couch with a great periodical, always does something for me...
Good luck with your goals this week, you can do it!

Shelle said...

Love that...the lip gloss anyway! My little one goes to dance also...and I want the gadget also...we should both write a letter to the President...of blogger that is! :)

blessedwith5 said...

Hey . . . the Followers thingy just posted to my blog - maybe it will to yours too!

blessedwith5 said...
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blessedwith5 said...
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Birdie said...

*snicker* I have the follower thingy and I only have like 10 readers hee hee!! Anyway I too have the recipe fetish. Why oh why!!! I buy these white plastic folderliek things from Wal-mart. They have plastic sleeves inside I have one for each category. I tear the whole page out of the magazine & slip it in. Only thing is, I have way more recipes than I have books. At $3 a pop, I'd better weed through recipes before buying new folders. I love them because they wipe clean. How perfect is that?? I tried something new tonight and it was awful. Big D said "why do you keep trying new stuff?? Just make what we know already tastes good!" *L* I think I need to do that but I just keep hoarding these dern recipes!