Wednesday, September 3, 2008

La Petite Belle's 10-Minute Pet and Subsequent Funeral and a Few Things I've Learned from Gustav

How's that for a title?

In our yard clean-up yesterday, La Petite Belle found this little baby lizard. I am not fond of lizards, but this one was awfully cute ... even his creepy little feet were kinda cute. She held this little lizard for a while in her hand, despite her mother's warnings that she was going to end up killing it and to just let it go. At one point, the lizard was lifeless. Beau confirmed the time of death.
La Petite Belle said a few words like, "You have been a good pet," which I thought ... "you've only had the thing for about 10 minutes." She proceeded to bury it in her and K Belle's "graveyard" that they have set up for lizards, geckos, locusts, love bugs, crickets, etc. Weird, I know. I, myself, only found out that this "graveyard" existed in a rotten nook of our tree. What will happen when we chop this tree down soon? Drama, I'm sure.
After the funeral service was over and La Petite Belle placed the lizard in the "graveyard," a miracle occurred. It lived! I think that lizard was playing possom, just to get away from La Petite Belle's grasp. Run, Little Lizard, Run!
This was La Petite Belle's reaction when I said she could not keep the lizard as a pet and that it wouldn't live if she did. What did I tell ya'll ... DRAMA (with tears)!
What I Learned:

First lesson learned: Don't bathe your dog right before a hurricane.
This is how she looked after her second bath, after she got into some water and then rolled around on her back in the dirt. She is so happy about that.
By the way, we found the fish and took them out of the pond. Here is Fool's Gold and Silver ...
Goldilocks and Speckle ...
Lil' Miss (who we think is pregnant - How do you know a fish is pregnant?), Lil' Koi Watson (named after our worship leader Coy Watson), and Spot.
Second lesson learned: Fish poop a lot. This was in our ice chest after the fish were in it for about 10 minutes. Same amount of poop in the other containers. How can they poop that much and that quickly?
So, if there's that much poop in 10 minutes in an ice chest, how much poop is on the bottom of the pond from the fish being in there one year? Disgusting. Here is a picture of the drained pond and Beau is about to put his bare feet on the bottom to clean it out. Bare feet on fish poop and algae. Gross.
Lesson 4: Electricity and me are like best friends.

Lesson 5: Deviled chicken is disgusting. I think it tastes like cat food (which I've never tasted, but if I had, it's what I think cat food might taste like). La Petite Belle loves it. Go figure.

Lesson 6: Kids cooped up in the house or church or wherever for too long can be annoying and get on each other's nerves. After just going back to school, the girls have no school until Thursday.

Lesson 7: Hurricanes cause weight gain. All we've done is eat ... and nothing healthy, just junk. And no exercise has occurred, unless you count baking or eating as one.

Lesson 8: You can learn a lot from your pastors ... like how to play poker, Texas Hold 'em to be exact (with make-believe money, of course). Now, I'll be working on my bluffing technique so that I can join the World Poker Tour.


Drama Mama said...

OH Im with ya- My kids were on my last nerve- and they were only home for 3 days-
That pond is yuk- no teelin how much poop is in there-
And yes- that fat fish looks preg- no that I am any kind of authority on fish-

blessedwith5 said...

Cute post . . . Katelyn loves those little lizards! She would have been in tears too!

Funny about the poker! Who would have thought?

Bummer about the kids being out of school!

Tracie said...

So glad your fishies made it!!!!

Yes, I am rather fond of electricity too. That's why I will stay in Florida as long as I know I don't have any of that good stuff at home!!!

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

You scared the crap out of those fish! hahahahahaha!!!!

Tami said...

Zane begs every time he finds any creature to keep them. I always so No Way. We have 2 gerbils, a turtle, a dog, and a cat. No one takes care of them. Shoot, he doesn't even take care of his Webkins. They were arguing the other day because one of the Webkins was going to "die" because he hadn't been fed. I can feel your pain.

Windy said...

Sorry about the kids still being at home, hopefully ya'll can make it through one more day! Who knew about the fish poo?!

Beachy Mimi said...

La Petite Belle Drama Queen is precious!

Shelle said...

Totally sicked out about the fish poo...use to have a fish tank and then got rid of it because it was too much of a hassle...but I kinda like the pond idea...only I don't like the idea of the Fish poo...hmmm!lol!

Sorry about your daughter's 10 minute pet...I can tell she loved it and took great care of it! :)

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Who knew Gustav would teach you so much.

I have to say...that is the first picture I've ever seen of fish poop in an ice chest :)

Lynellen said...

Make sure kids wash their hands carefully after playing with pet reptiles like snakes, lizards and turtles...many reptiles have salmonella in their feces.

Love all the photos!

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...


Don't worry about that. They roll their eyes about my handwashing orders because I tell them to do it all day long.

I won't even touch raw meat with my hands. Beau does it for me. On the rare occasion that I have to (yuck) ... I immediately wash my hands.

Birdie said...

that fish poo algae was dis-gus-ting.