Monday, September 29, 2008

In Search of a Good Picture and My Birthday Giveaway

It's that time ... MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!

Beau and the girls took me out to lunch today and we did the whole family celebration. I really wanted some good pictures of the entire event.

But, I got these instead.

This one's not so bad, so I asked the person taking the picture, namely Chris, to try to get more of a close-up.
This is what I got from Chris, Mr. Smartypants.
Then, I attempted to get just one close-up of the girls and me. Apparently, they had other ideas, especially La Petite Belle.

At this point, I said, "OK, seriously, just smile normal. Just one picture, please."
And I got this from K Belle, which La Petite Belle thought was hilarious.
See what I mean.
Then she started with the peppermint and I was a bit irritated with the whole thing. To which she said, "OK, Mommy. I promise I won't be silly in this one."
I'm saying, "I'm not going to take anymore. That's enough."
La Petite Belle: "No, Mommy. I'll do it this time."
Oh, really?

Finally, this was the best we could do.
Now to the good stuff.

Copeland's Wood-Fire Grilled Chicken Breasts with Yams - If you are ever in Louisiana, eat the yams. They are sweet like a dessert, drenched in butter and brown sugar, I'm sure.
Now for the presents.
La Petite Belle bought me a pack of whole bean Starbucks coffee. Does this child know her mother or what?
K Belle gave me a Billy Joel CD, "Glass Houses." Ever since I bought "The Stranger," the girls have a new love for an old singer evidenced here. 
And last, but not least, the hubs bought me exactly what I asked for ... my signature fragrance, which I had run out of ... Chanel's CoCo Mademoiselle
Mmm Mmm Good ... Thanks, Sweetheart! I love you.
This perfume issue has kind of been a joke around my house. I had a giant bottle of the CoCo, which Beau had bought me two Christmases ago. It was quite pricey. We went on a trip and can you believe that that one-hundred-and -something-dollar bottle of perfume leaked out into my luggage? I was not happy, to say the least, and tried to spare every drop of that bottle until finally it totally ran out. So, Beau, trying to save money last Christmas, bought me a much cheaper bottle of perfume at the Drug Emporium. Their perfume doesn't come in boxes, but are wrapped up in plastic "Thank You" grocery bags (get my point?). Anyway, the perfume isn't really bad, per se, it just doesn't last as long as some of the more expensive perfumes. It's a perfume by Ellen Tracy. I think I would spray about twelve squirts just to make sure it would last all day. Until finally one day, I gave up and bought some Burberrry and Juicy Coutoure (which are good everyday perfumes, but nothing beats my CoCo).

So, in honor of my birthday, I'm doing a giveaway.

In light of the previous information, I'm giving away a half-used bottle of Ellen Tracy. Don't laugh. I'm serious.
And a $10 gift card to Starbucks.

And YES, you have to take the perfume. Don't say you don't want the perfume ... it's all or nothing.

BTW, Beau informed me that the lady at the Chanel counter said we could have brought back that old leaking bottle of perfume for a new one. Dang it!

So, just leave me a comment ... tell me your signature fragrance (favorite perfume). Comments will close on my birthday, Wednesday, at midnight. I'll pick a winner, randomly of course, Thursday morning.


Birdie said...


Joan said...

Happy Birthday!

I loved Copeland's when we lived in Louisiana. We were in Slidell. Miss the food, but I've lost 30 lbs, so it's a trade off.

My signature perfume would have to be Clinique 'Happy'.

Have a blessed day!

Patrice said...

I am still laughing at those pictures!! Too funny, and the look on your face is priceless! That is something my Bradley would do!

I have worn Estee Lauder's Beautiful since I was in high school. I just can't seem to break away, but last week I did try Pleasures and loved it way much. I need a change, but it's so hard to change from the tried and true!

Birdie said...

Oh shoot maybe not. Maybe there's someone else that got ahead of me and you just haven't approved your comments yet. Shoot.
Anyway, HAPPY B-DAY WEEK! The pics of you & the girls were hilarious! You looked like you were in pain but you're still beautiful.
I'm all about your half used bottle of perfume. It's like scoring some half used bottle of perfume that belonged to some celeb. *L* Much better than hair clippings or an old tissue.

Coco Mademoiselle huh? Never heard of it! I'm sheltered p here in the boonies where the only stores for miles are Wal-mart & Peebles.
I've tested Chanel #5 or whatever it's called, just to see what the hullabaloo was all about and *P.U.* I couldn't believe people actually paid money for it.ever.
I use Burberry Brit, not to be confused with any other Burberry scent. I love it! I get it every year for Christmas from Big Daddy and I love him all the more for it.
Next time I'm in some swanky dept store I'll swing myself & my Kenneth Cole designer bag by the Coco Mademoiselle and see what all THAT hullabaloo is about.

Birdie said...

oh and another thing, I LOVE your necklace!!! I'm officially requesting a close up so I can copy it, (meaning make one for myself)

mtnest423 said...

I *really* do not want the perfume, but wanted to wish you a happy birthday week! Enjoy yourself.

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Love the pictures - cause they are real! :) No phony poses. :)
Exciting birthday stuff! Love your perfume stories, especially getting a good laugh at seeing the half bottle giveaway. I'm all over that!
My signature scent has been Tommy Girl for several years now. I am running out though and have been cheking out some other perfumes. We'll see what my fianl decision is. Really seriously important stuff huh?? :)

dolls123 said...

Happy Birthday !!!!!
I now just do the scented lotions from Bath & Body Works. My fav is Cherry Pie


jennifer said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK! You look lovely in all of your pics. Love how you can see the strain of taking a good picture crossing your face.

Jodie said...

Hahahaha! You made me laugh (and I really needed it just now)! It's all or nothing huh? Ok, I trust your taste. :)

I don't really have a signature scent. I want one though. I guess my favorite as of late would be R.L. Blue. It smells like honeysuckle. Mmm-m. It's more of a summer scent though.

Oh, and your girls are crazy. So so silly. That last picture of you and them is cute though. :)

Have a happy birthday week!

Tracie said...

I have a couple of favorites.

Burberry (just the plain Burberry) - on the weekdays.

Dolce and Gabbana - Light Blue other times.

Then I have always LOVED Estee Lauder - Pleasures. It's an old favorite!

Rachel said...

Sign me up! I never say "no" to free perfume (even if it does come wrapped in a plastic "Thank You" bag!).

Anything is better than the B&BW spray I'm using right now. I don't know who talked me into Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Christina said...

Happy Birthday and I love all your cute pics!
Mmmm... my fragrance... ANGEL! LOVE IT!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Week! I just recently started following your blog via J.J. Heller (LOVE her!) I live vicariously through your Southern antics and fun life, keep blogging, you are GREAT at it! And Honey, I OWN Nina Ricci's "Nina!" Have a wonderful birthday...and that Starbucks Anniversary Blend is my signature blend as well...I wait for it to come out every Fall! I blog at! Come see me!

Tammy said...

I seriously feel you pain in the photo op. My kids do this all the time....little stinkers!

We are coffee soul mates! And Starbuck's is the BEST!

I don't have a favorite perfume "flavor" because I am very sensitive to them. I used to love Lauren back in high school. The hubby bought me some years ago and the first time I wore it I sneezed the entire time!

Lynellen said...

Happy Birthday!

My favorite fragrance is "Mary Kay Bella Belara" ... mmmm, mmmmm!

Beachy Mimi said...

Oh I love it when someone has a birthday WEEK. Congratulations and Happy Birthday. The pictures are GREAT. My favorite scent this week is Cashmere by Donna Karan. Next week it will be something else. If I don't change them up a little, I can't smell them.

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday!
I saw The Women too and was not impressed. My thought was 'how many famous actors can you squeeze in to this movie'? When Bette Midler sauntered on to the screen the whole movie was down the tubes after that point. It was a good 2 hours to eat popcorn though....LOL

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

OK, MissyMamaBelle. This is not rocket science. As you will recall, I used your hurricane video as an EXAMPLE to everyone about how to do a video for this project. You can do this! You can talk about your childhood, your crushes, show us how you make your favorite chip dip, or, as one person was going to do before she had to leave town for a funeral, "What Your Lipstick Says About You." See? Anything, anything at all is OK. Empty your purse! Let your kids interview you! My video, like my blog, is a thing about nothing much at all. The lighting is bad, the sound is bad, I'm very inantimate ... it's all good! So just do it, Nike. Now, as for this giveaway, count me in, puh-leeze. I have no signature fragrance, although I do like gardenias. There. Now I've got everything off my chest. I'LL SEE YOU TOMORROW.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Argh. I left you a long comment that I don't think "took." Let me know. And I forgot to wish you happy birthday, which I meant to do, but your waffling on this video thing just overtook all of my civility! You need an email address on here somewhere, girl.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Your smile in the pics with the girls cracks me up!! I think I can read your mind through each smile ;)

So why did you get to open your presents BEFORE your birthday? Cheater.

Tiff said...

Happy Birthday Girlfriend! Hope it's the happiest one ever!!! and I'm not just saying that for the half empty bottle of knock off perfume hehe
Sorry you didn't get the pictures you were hoping for, but I still think their all great and you will probably laugh about them someday down the road. lol
I love both Pure and Bohista from Avon. I'm not a big Avon fan but these two scents are yummy and affordable.

blessedwith5 said...

The pictures are priceless! The girls are so funny AND cuties!

I REALLY don't want you to enter me in the drawing - but did want to tell you my favorite scent is -

CASHMERE by Donna Karan - I found it a few years ago and absolutely, without doubt, found it to be the most beautiful perfume in the world for me! It is my SIGNATURE SCENT!

By the way, Happy Early Birthday!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday - you don't look a day over a hot momma 28ish :-)

I usually just put on my Amazing Grace Philosophy lotion (awesome stuff). But, if I do need perfume (which hardly ever happens cause I smell soooo good), I like Donna Karan's Cashmere Mist.

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Mid~30's Mamma, Happy Birthday to YOU!
So very happy your day was a glorious family celebration.
Love, love, LOVE the 1/2 bottle of perfume give-away!
I love anything Henri Bendel.
Hope your week is Grand and Beautiful!

Lula! said...

I always knew I liked you...

My signature scent?

Coco Chanel Madamoiselle.

Yep. Great minds smell alike, girl!
Happy early birthday!

windycindy said...

It looks like you had a very special day! I wish you have many more happy and healthy birthdays. I have three fragrances that I use. Tresor, Romance and Juicy Coutoure. I would love to try your "Ellen Tracy!" The Starbucks would be great to win,also.
Please enter me in your delightful birthday giveaway drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

Sandra said...

I found your blog through a google alert for the words "signature fragrance" I am a fragrance designer so I look for what other people are wearing and liking.

My signature fragrance is one that I made- I call it Luna when I wear it and Mountain Mist when I share it with others.

You can see more about the product at

Happy Birthday

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

(be sure and sing this to the original birthday tune) :)

Colored With Memories said...

happy b'day...thanks for giving US gifts!

my fav is Ralph Lauren's: Ralph.


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Happy Happy birthday..>MRS. I DON'T LOOK A DAY OVER 25!

My signature perfume is Happy Heart by Clinique

and you know you don't want to use that nast random integer thing...just give me the giveaway already! lol!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

So. Is it terrible to admit that I don't really have a signature scent? I think I have ultra-sensitive smell and so I don't really like perfume on myself...but I love it on other people, though. Weird, I know.

Cute pictures! The girls crack me up.

12-arrows said...

LOVE IT! I got the best morning giggle out of your give-away! How hilarious! and to make sure I don't forget. . . .HAPPY BIRTHDAY...enjoy you deserve it!

My fav perfume is RALPH by Ralph Lauren!

Elizabeth said...

My very favorite perfume is Angel, by I'm-not-sure-who. I love it. My mom found it at Epcot ten years ago, and they said you couldn't find it anywhere else in the States. Now it's everywhere, but I love it. My kids say it smells like me.

Amy said...

Hi, mama belle. I just found your blog through Everyday Miracles. I have enjoyed throughly reading your last few posts. You have encouraged me this morning and I will stop in again. I hope you have a happy birthday and I would love to participate in the giveaway. Blessings.

Heth said...

Signature fragrance? I'm supposed to have a signature fragrance?

Dang it. I knew I was missing something.

Coffee is the perfect gift.

Barbie said...

Ok this is my first time to your blog and I love it! I found you through Sarah, Life in the Parsonage. Happy Birthday by the way!!

My fave perfume is Tresor. Love it.

Smilingsal said...

I like Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely, but I'll take yours if I win. Thank you for the giveaway.

nicole said...

Happy Birthday!! got here from Sarah at Life in the Parsonage, had to wish you Happy Birthday! right now I am loving Amazing Grace by Philosophy YUM, but have a whole dreser full of everything from all the Ralph Lauren's to Maybe Baby from Benefit to Vera Wang! I have been reading archives of your blog and have to say you are a hoot!!! Happy Birthday again!!! you don't look a day over 29! and remember babies have dimples on their rears when they are born so just cuz your thighs do does NOT mean you are old!

beeeeeeeee said...

Happy birthday from sunny Colorado! (Nice to meet cha, by the way.)

I'm in for the purfume (and the Starbucks card). I usually wear Be from Calvin Klein, a joke from my family since they all call me "B" but I'm ready to try something new...

Love your blog - I'll be reading.


mom 2 many said...

Hi, I found you through Sarah @ Life in the Parsonage!
Happy look Fabulous!!! The pics with your Belles are priceless!! I love *Beautiful*

Enjoy the rest of your day!!!

Cindy Swanson said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday! CoCo Mademoiselle is also one of my favorite fragrances EVER.

Jill said...

I usually wear Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body. Light and sweet ;o)

Sara @ Butterville said...

I am getting in on the wire on this one. My perfume of choice, I'm sorry Eau De Toilette is Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. It's well, Lovely. It' the only one in recent history that I can wear and not get a headache from. I'm not sure you can take a bad picture, you're just so darn pretty!

Alaiyo said...

Awesome Blog!
Happy Birthday. I am new to the blogging community and I came across your blog through other countless blogs...lost track. But, Happy Birthday anyway. You seem to have a lot of people out there who love you. Hope your day is going better than planned. Oh, my favorite scents are:
Pink Sugar, by Aqualina
Warm Vanilla Sugar, by Bath and Body, and
Angel, by Thierry Mugler.

Kim said...

Your girls crack me up! My family has gotten used to me being the "papparazzi"!

My sig. fragrance didn't become "mine" until recently. I never used to wear perfume, but now I LOVE Mary Kay's Belara. Yummy smell! :)

Happy Happy Day of Birth!!!