Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Married to a Stud.

He's the one at the bottom in the middle, sitting so properly, with his hands folded, fingers interlaced, matching the identical poses of his fellow posers.

Check out the mustache.

Someone posted this picture on Facebook under the group "I went to JSBC, but don't talk about it anymore." For those of you who don't know what JSBC is ... it stands for Jimmy Swaggart Bible College. Yep ... believe it, he was there in 1987-88... the same year the scandal happened. Needless to say, he didn't stay and actually graduated from a state university.

OK ... to add to the fact that I found this gem of a picture, I just asked Beau what this picture was all about. I knew he was in an ensemble, but had no idea that the JSBC ensemble was called "Acts 29." Not to be confused with 2nd Chapter of Acts. Explanation:  There is no Acts 29, and the book of Acts has no definite ending. So, the idea was that they would be modern-day disciples, carrying on the mission of this book. He want me to let you know he didn't pick out the name, the school did.

Honey, you don't need "Acts 29." You're fulfilling your calling without them. You can check out my multi-talented manwich and his work on this new website here

I'm just sayin', move over Magnum P.I. ... I'm married to a stud.


Tami said...

That is too funny. And btw, I love the shirt below! Where did you get it. I would love to have it in yellow too.

Jodie said...

I love how you just called your stud a manwich. That may be my new favorite reference to husband's. :)

So, are you keeping the shirt???

Also, I have not forgotten about my sweet Balderdash... I do want it back. What, you thought I was just gonna abandon it like refuse? No indeed. (Even though I didn't even realize I left it behind.)(But it's not because I don't care about it.)(Because I do.) :)

Another also: I had to pull out of the Girl's Trip. *wincing in anticipation of your response*
I just couldn't swing the all day Friday situation. Email or call me for full details. :)

Rachel said...

Hilarious! You gotta love those 80s 'dos & dresses!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

That is just too much. The poses, the dresses, it is hilarious. When I was a young 80's child, my dream was to have bridesmaids dresses in that exact shade. I thought it was the most stunning color.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

lol...okay that is awesome! :) I love old pictures...they are the best!

And yea...Magnum P.I. doesn't have anything on him! :)

Tammy said...

My, oh my. That is just hilarious. I've had a few "jewels" posted on facebook from my college friends back in the late 80's. Love it!

Lula! said...

And here I am, a proud graduate of Jerry Falwell's university, having NO IDEA that there was such a thing as JSBC. Not a clue. 'Til now. Awesome.

Love how he's posed...indeed, he IS a stud.

p.s. I was in my cousin's wedding in September of 1989--and I swear to you, we wore these same dresses. Her accent color was peach. Teal and Peach. The last year of the 80's. Good times.

Patrice said...

Love the picture!!

I left you an award at my site, swing by and pick it up!

Birdie said...

"Manwich" *L* That's too cute!

NO WAY - seriously??? Jimmy Swaggart Bible College? wow. I grew up watching him every Sunday before church. what a shocker.

jennifer said...

Your man was gorgeous then AND now. I have SEEN the mailman video... a sense of humor is very attractive in a man. Humor is WAY appealing and a man of GOD to boot? What a catch! Just sayin'...

Very cool story behind the picture.

Be blessed!