Saturday, August 23, 2008

There Will Not Be Blood

Last night, Beau and I settled in to watch this Oscar-winning movie, There Will Be Blood. I'm beginning to think that if a movie has won an Oscar, I should not rent it. 

The Oscar win is a sure sign of several things:
1. Weird, annoying music
2. My intelligence will be put to the test.
3. Strange characters
4. It will be super-long, over two hours, for sure.
5. Beau will have trouble staying awake.

This movie was not as bad as most, but it was long ... about two-and-a-half hours. After the second hour, I was waiting to see some blood. Beau, of course, was being his over-dramatic self, complaining about how bad the movie was, making loud sighs and sounds, and complaining about how long it was ... totally making it worse for me, who was trying to like it, or trying to make myself seem like I like it.

OK, it really wasn't that bad. The movie is about an early oil man. Daniel Day-Lewis does an incredible job in this role. I think he won the Oscar for this, and rightly so, because he was crazy! I mean, CRAZY! 

The movie does have a good moral message about the love of money. The character basically puts his desire for money and fortune above everyone and everything else. He ends up a lonely, miserable man, who kills another crazy character, the preacher, with a bowling pin. I told you ... WEIRD. Sorry about the spoiler. You weren't really planning on watching it, were you?

I only recommend this movie if you have nothing else to watch and a lot of time on your hands. Otherwise, skip this. 

Instead, see these ... my taste is so refined. They were hilarious!


Tracie said...

Not sure about the 1st movie. I find it hard to stay into a movie that actually challenges my intelligence.


As far as the other 2, I have been definitely wanting to see those. It may be a Video-On-Demand movie night tonight. If I can lock my hubby up in his room!!! (just b/c he won't agree with these choices!)

Claudia said...

Great review, I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks, great excuse not to watch that and to watch the others. I found your blog on CWO where I was looking among the thousands to see if I had been enrolled yet. It's just amazing the number of folks blogging out there, but glad we stumbled on yours.

~T. said...

Daniel Day Lewis is SUCH a good actor, but I'm with you, not crazy for this movie...
How about that preacher, talk about weird!!! The guy totally gave me the creeps!

Jeanette said...

Can't tell you the last time we watched an Oscar movie. We just don't have the same "taste" in what is good and what isn't. I usually wonder if they watched the same movie that we watched!!


Brandi said...

Yeah. . I can't do "smart" movies b/c I'm always doing something online at the same time and "smart" and multi tasking don't match! But, I LOVED What Happens in Vegas!

PS If you guys rent movies a lot have you seen RedBox? It's FREE Movie rentals twice a week and only a $1 other days. . and, you don't even have to drag your kids inside since they are vending machines outside of 7-11 and Walmart!