Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Red Dots I Like and Red Dots I Do Not Like

These red dots I love. Each item is lovely and I would be happy to have them.

There were red dots on my skin I did not love having. 

So, today I went to the dermatologist to get these tiny, pinpoint-sized dots removed from my face and chest. Don't be scared. I'm not a freak or anything. No one really knew I had these dots. I call them red dots, because I can't remember the medical term for them. The dermatologist said they were nothing and that the only reason to get rid of them would be for cosmetic reasons. Well, I happened to have one on my face,which I've always been able to cover with make-up. Not noticeable. But, I, with my stubborn self, HAD to have them removed. So I got lasered today. No biggie. The red dot on my face just looks like a freckle now. HOWEVER ... the ones on my chest are another story.
Check it out. There are more on my shoulders and neck. So, in order to get rid of the tiny little dots, I get giant swollen dots. Objects in this photo are much larger in person. I do look quite freakish, like I have some dreaded disease from old.
The best part about all this is that the swelling and redness could remain for 2-3 days. DAYS!?! 

In addition to this, for some crazy reason, I have poison ivy on both legs. Got some cream for that too. Don't know how I could have gotten poison ivy, seeing as I've only been in my yard and man-made flooring. I have not been hiking or camping, but trying to stay cool inside every chance I get. IT IS HOT DOWN HERE!

So, I'm a real pretty picture right now. And there's that annual 4th of July Family Celebration coming on Friday. And I wanted to wear shorts and a sleeveless shirt to try and stay cool. And I have to sing in front of all these people. 

I can hear the gasps now! 

"What's wrong with her?" 

"Children, look away!" 

"Please don't touch me, lady." 

and of course, the "What's on your neck? or chest?"

Don't worry my peeps. As Gloria Gaynor sang, "I will Survive."


Soliloquy said...

Girlfriend. You are a big, hot humble mess! And I love you for it!

Drama Mama said...

Looks like chic pox-It's not that bad- Just say you got in a big ol'swarm of Louisianna mosquitos!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Bummer!! Praying they disappear tomorrow! :)

Tracie said...

Don't be upset...I am quoting the bag boy from the grocery store he was carrying on a conversation with my check-out girl.

"You got fleas!"


Just joking.

Hope they disappear soon! :-)

jessica @pianomomsicle said...

Oh my friend! i'm sorry! 2-3 days really isn't that long, but it IS unfortunate that it will be over a holiday weekend. Good luck with the concealer!

The red polka dot things are super cute. And so are you, with or without red dots:)

Wendi said...

So sorry! Here's to sharing the good, the bad, and the polka dots with your bloggy friends. I would impart to you the aunthenticity award if I had one. :) You are so funny. Love the red dotted cuteness; shoes, dishes, you, it;s all good.

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

OH, this is the PERFECT day for me to send people to your blog! Hahahaha... that's what you get for the preggers comment! :) Jk. Seriously though, I did plug you today...

Best wishes on the disappearance of the ugly red dots... but, those shoes? LOVE THEM! Oh, and the red luggage, too. Very sweet!