Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Longer Miss Independent

Yesterday, I came to a realization.

I am not the independent woman I used to be when I was single. I was always quite a loner and did things that I wanted to do, never really swayed by anyone. I did my own thing in college, worked a lot, had a few roommates, but also lived alone, which I enjoyed a lot. But, while Beau was out of town for a couple of days, I must say, I missed him and was a little lonely, even though I had the whole sleepover and my girls the next night. I missed him. Shhhh .... don't tell him because then he'll be gettin' a big head and all, and be thinking I can't live without him (which I can't) and I'll never hear the end of how wonderful he is. So, please, for my sake and sanity, keep quiet.

But, I did feel like this ... Thanks Linda for introducing me to "Ken Lee." I truly "Ken Lee" without him.

Anyway .... moving on. I have been thinking of a few things that my hubby does since we've been married, which has caused me just not to do them anymore. He just takes care of them. I can't remember the last time I did some of these things. I may have forgotten how. Try not to be too jealous. I know I'm spoiled. Like I said, I "Ken Lee" without him.

I don't:

1. Pump my own gas.
2. Cut watermelons or pineapples.
3. Make phone calls that involve complaining.
4. Grill or even know how to turn on the grill.
5. Mow the grass or weed-eat.
6. Touch ground meat.
7. Pop open biscuit cans.
8. Make quick trips to the store to pick up one item needed for a recipe.
9. Do as good of a ponytail as he does (girls ask for Daddy to do their ponytail - He had practice from his long, flowing 80s rock band hair.).
10. Cook breakfast - He does most of it ... best pancakes ever!

The only thing that I wish was on this list that is not is take out the trash. OK ... guess I'll just deal with that.

And by the way, don't be thinkin' I don't do enough around here. He's good and all, but not that good!

Thank you God for giving me this good man with the sweet moves!


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I know exactly what you mean...and I think it's a good thing to be slightly "dependent" on our guys...it doesn't mean we aren't our own person anymore, it just means that we love having our best friend and partner around.

I have no idea how to grill. That is strictly his territory.

Rachelle said...

my husband checked off most of those on this list...he's full of it too! lol!

I am also like that...missing him when he's gone...only because he has pushed and shoved his way into my life so I have no other choice! lol!

blessedwith5 said...

Our MEN NEED us to NEED them! That is how God created them!

Congrats on having such a wonderful guy!

Wendi said...

Ken Lee indeed... :)
Also totally relating with the list. The breakfast thing - fabulous! I try to make pancakes and they taste like crap compared to my hubby's amazing light and fluffy delights. I am starting to grill now though and feel pretty all important about it. :)
My story is different in that I never really had that independent time. I went from my parent’s home to Dave's, so I have always been slightly dependant, with a fake independent side.
Oh, and Beau's moves - frankly I'd be careful posting those on the internet. Some one is going to see those and likely start to stalk him and try to snatch him. :) I was glad I hadn't just taken a drink when the video was playing...

Beachy Mimi said...

Lucky girl (blessed girl). Watch him, he really could get snatched. I need my filters changed!

Andrea said...

Ken Lee for sure - that's too funny! I'm the same way with my hubby, but I don't do the trash...there's just something about it that grosses me out so it'll be overflowing (even more gross) before I empty it.